What Jed Said To Hannah On The Bachelorette Is Risky As Hell

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Warning: Mild Bachelorette spoilers are ahead.
You want to put your best foot forward on any first date, especially if it's going to end up on national television. But some people take the riskier path. Take for example, Bachelorette contestant Jed, who told Hannah that he joined the show for fame at the beginning of this process. And yeah, it was a hugely risky move to be that honest.
However, she was actually receptive to his honesty. During the night portion of their date, Jed, who is a musician in Nashville, told Hannah that he definitely considered the show's reach when he signed up. "This is like a huge platform," he admitted. For a struggling musician, the boost in fame that The Bachelorette can give you can be huge. Everyone who goes on the show knows it, Jed was just brave enough to admit it.
He explained to Hannah that while he was open to the show because he loves "the idea of love," he couldn't ignore its platform either. Hannah said she liked that he was being honest, but rightfully asked how she could trust that he was there for the right reasons now. Jed said he was truly falling for Hannah at this point, no matter for what reason he initially signed up. "It's beyond a show," he said of his feelings now. Hannah seemed pleased with his answer. "It's exactly what I’ve been asking for," she said with regard to his honesty.
Hannah clearly appreciated where he was coming from, and that he was honest about it. Truth be told, many men on Hannah's season are probably in it for the platform, if not also for the love. That's the thing about a show like this, it's a pretty wild thing to sign up for.
Most people probably don't seriously think they can find love on it until they get there and realize it's possible. There are so many reasons to sign up for this show that are still the right reasons. Wanting to travel, wanting to meet new people, and wanting to boost your platform are acceptable reasons as long as you're also genuinely open to the possibility of love while you're there. If you go on the show with a girlfriend back home just because you want to get famous… yes, that's the wrong reason. But understanding that fame can come from this and being open to both fame and love is not only OK, it's just plain realistic.
And getting out in front of it, like Jed did, is actually kind of genius.
On Colton's season, Caelynn and Cassie came under fire for allegedly talking about how they could become the next Bachelorette. Other contestants were upset with what they felt to be a premature "wrong reasons" conversation. But it's realistic to think about what comes next. It's realistic to think, hmm, what could I get out of this experience?
The Bachelorette doesn't pay its contestants, and the producers have free reign to edit the narrative however they wish. Anyone agreeing to that would definitely want something tangible to come out of it. Not all 30 men can win Hannah's heart, but they all can see a boost in platform from the show.
Still, Jed's honestly with Hannah was a franchise first.
He admitted what no one has dared to, but what almost everyone thinks about. Hannah appreciated that he was honest, and he got the date rose because of that honesty.
And when you think about it, more people should be open about the reasons they're on the show. Doing so would make the whole situation smoother and, dare I say it, more genuine. If you sign up wanting a fun experience and some new Instagram followers, it's okay. And if you find love along the way, well, that's even better.

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