Bachelorette Dude Jed Wyatt's Songs Aren't Bad, But Is He Here For The Right Reasons?

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Hannah Brown’s Bachelorette season is kicking off, and so it’s time we get to know some of her suitors. One guy who sounds somewhat promising — at least in that he doesn’t have one of those goofy fake job titles or require being addressed by three names — is Bachelorette contestant Jed Wyatt, a musician who lives in Nashville, Tennessee. Doesn’t “Jed Wyatt” just sound like the name of a Nashville singer-songwriter?
So, what’s this dude’s deal? Well, according to his official Bachelorette bio, he’s 25, he grew up in the Smoky Mountains, “can rap Nicki Minaj's part in ‘Bottoms Up’ flawlessly," and says he can shoot a rubber band with "freakish accuracy.” (Please tell us we’ll get to see some of that on the show!) On a more serious note, Jed's music career suffered after a bad breakup, so much that stopped making music altogether. But don't worry, Bachelorette fans, he's optimistic that Hannah can cheer him up and Jed's songs are alive on the internet, so you can take a listen for yourself — and make sure this music industry hopeful isn't there just to promote his career, which would be “the wrong reasons” for coming on this journey.

Jed Wyatt's Songs & Music Videos

Jed’s music is surprisingly not country, which might be what you’d expect from a guy named Jed Wyatt who lives in Nashville. You could imagine the songs being sung by Adam Levine, is perhaps the best way to describe them. If you randomly heard these songs while out and about you would not be offended and would probably tap your toes a little. There’s good production value. This isn’t just some dude recording songs in his room and putting them on SoundCloud. Jed's songs are on Spotify (you can also listen to Jed's music on iTunes and on his YouTube channel).
Jed has a website about his music, but it hasn’t been updated since last year when he released a single called “Vacation.” The site reads, “I’ll be playing and spreading my love for music all over Nashville Summer and Fall 2018 solo and along with several other amazing artists!” But for now, he's a dude on the Bachelorette, who'll probably find a way to sneak his guitar and sweet, sweet tunes into a scene or two. Let's just hope it's for Hannah's amusement, and not a way of snagging a sweet, sweet record contract (although I suppose things can be two things).

Jed Is Also A Model

In addition to his music, Jed is a model, which could have been seen as a red flag on The Bachelorette in the past, but at this point they pretty much all models or influencers. As noted in the bio of his private Instagram account, Jed's even got representation (and a portfolio) for said modeling. If you are into reality shows, Jed's agency, The Block Agency, might sound familiar as it’s been featured on Very Cavallari and is owned by Jay Cutler’s friend Mark Block aka Chuy. Fun fact: The agency also represents Hannah Godwin from Colton Underwood’s Bachelor season.

Jed Was Also A Burlesque Dancer

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Eagle eyed Bachelor Nation fans have spotted Jed in numerous photos from Music City Male Revue, “Nashville's first and ONLY ‘Male Burlesque!’” According to the Music City Male Revue site, visitors can enjoy “PG-13 (no nudity) fun, drinks from the bar, and some of Nashville's sexiest performers.” Evidence includes an Instagram of Jed performing back in September 2018, and former Very Cavallari star Shannon Ford posted an Instagram of her attending the revue and posing with Jed (above, Jed's in the middle). Regardless of his current status in the burlesque world, or his odd proximity to all things Very Cavallari, this skill will probably come up at some point, probably as something handy for a Bachelorette group date.
It’ll be interesting to see how things shake out for Jed on The Bachelorette. There’s definitely some potential that he’s there for “the wrong reasons” — since promoting his music and modelling will be a lot easier with a little screen time — but hey, maybe he is just a genuine dude who just happens to makes music and take really, really, really ridiculously good looking photos. Musicians and models need love too!

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