The Bachelorette's Girlfriend Guy, Aka Scott, Isn't In The Cast's Group Photo (Yikes)

You would think that everyone who comes on a dating show would be single, but it looks like one contestant has a girlfriend on Hannah B.'s Bachelorette season. In a trailer for the premiere, Hannah says, "We need to talk." Her Bachelorette contestant Scott stands up and follows her. Then Hannah can be seen saying to him, "You have a girlfriend." The trailer doesn't show Scott's response, he just looks stunned (maybe that she figured it out so soon?).
If it's true that this guy went on a dating show while already dating someone, that's pretty messed up. It's also, unfortunately, not that unusual. If you watched the reunion, you probably saw the uncomfortable throwback clip of when Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky confronted her contestant Justin over reports that he had a girlfriend. Justin wanted to get away from the conversation so badly that he hopped over walls and tried to run away with a boot on his leg that had previously been injured.
Whether Scott leaves on his own after Hannah's confrontation or she sends him packing, he definitely seems to be eliminated on night one. The group photo on the ABC press site of all her contestants only contains 29 men — one less than she started the night with. The missing man? Scott. Perhaps for the best, considering how host Chris Harrison introduced Scott during the cast reveal on YouTube. "Is everyone here on this show for the right reasons?" Harrison asked when Scott's photo popped up. Harrison paused and then said clearly, "No."
There is some debate over what the "right reasons" are, but they're definitely not "show up with a girlfriend and then also try to date another woman." It'll be interesting to hear Scott's side of the story when the season premieres on May 13. Especially since he bragged about being such a good catch in his ABC bio.
The 28-year-old is a software sales executive from Chicago, and he said women should date him because, "I'm employed with a real job and have friends who are a blast to be around. Along with all that, I come from a great family." In the very same bio, he also said one of his greatest skills is "schmoozing waitresses into giving him free food and drinks." Any gal's gotta love that. (Uh, yeah, not so much.)
If Scott did indeed get kicked off the show night one for having a girlfriend, it seems he's not ready to face the music from Bachelorette fans. What appears to be Scott's Instagram page is currently private and his Facebook doesn't offer much other than a glimpse at some of his past profile pictures. He doesn't seem to have a Twitter.
In any case, if Hannah sent him packing before the show had even had time to take a group cast photo, you have to respect that. She is not messing around, nor should she be. Hannah is taking this process seriously, and she demonstrated that by getting right down to it with Scott on the very first night. Now fans just have to wait to see how he responds to her straight-forward conversation on the topic.

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