Hannah Brown's Bachelorette Premiere Begins With A Cheating Scandal

Photo: Courtesy of ABC.
Hannah Brown is skipping the pleasantries with the men of The Bachelorette. A sneak peek at the upcoming season of The Bachelorette on People reveals that the drama begins on night one when Brown accuses one of her many contestants of having a girlfriend.
“You know that Bachelorette drama you can’t wait for?” the narrator says to viewers in the first look. “Well, Monday, May 13 it all starts happening night one.”
During the traditional mingling that goes down in the mansion when the contestants arrive, Brown angrily approaches one of them (it looks like it might be Scott A.) and tells him they need to talk.
“You have a girlfriend!” she cries in a later clip.
While we don’t see his response — other than shock — we know that Brown doesn’t take any shit. When she’s not roaring like a lion, she’s championing the mantra that she coined during her stint on The Bachelor: “I will not allow myself not to feel chosen every single day."
She reiterates this sentiment in the preview, saying, “I want somebody to fight for me. That’s what I deserve.”
It isn't the only dash of drama from the show's first night. ABC revealed last week that Bachelor contestants Demi Burnett and Katie Morton will act as "Hannah's Angels" for that first night, watching footage of the men from a surveillance van. Perhaps these two ladies are the ones who sleuth out the secret girlfriend?
The Bachelorette premieres Monday, May 13 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC. Watch the sneak peek below.

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