The 2019 Bachelorette Has Been Chosen & She's Already Got A Catch Phrase

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Colton's unconventional Bachelor season is coming to a close, and it's time to look ahead to what's next for the franchise. Hannah B. is the 2019 Bachelorette, and while it might seem like a shock, fans actually should have seen this one coming. From the moment Hannah B. was eliminated, her Bachelorette chances became very strong. After Colton sent her home broken-hearted, Hannah cried in the limo and said of her next relationship, "I will not allow myself not to feel chosen every single day." That's Bachelorette poster quote gold right there.
She only stepped things up during The Women Tell All. Other potential Bachelorette candidate Caelynn had an emotional conversation with Colton about why he sent her home, while Hannah proclaimed to Colton that she's "cool" with him now. The next Bachelorette can't still be hung up on her ex, and Hannah made it very clear that she's put her love journey with Colton behind her. And during her time in the "hot seat" with host Chris Harrison, she gave some hints that she's ready to start looking for her own love story on the show. "This experience and the relationship that I have with Colton allowed me to see myself in a different way," she said. "And be vulnerable with who I am and who I want to be and what type of love I want to have and receive."
Harrison also toasted with Hannah (to make up for her toast speech flub on Colton's season) and both of them made it sound like she was going to be cast ASAP. "Cheers to this beautiful day together, new experiences, and continuing to be honest, real, every moment we have together, and roll tide!" Hannah said. It was pretty clear that one of those "new experiences" would be leading the next installment of the show. Especially when Harrison said, "Here’s to you finding fierce love," and you could practically hear him add "on The Bachelorette."
Hannah had also hinted in an interview with Us Weekly that she'd be up for the Bachelorette gig if it was offered, because she loved being on The Bachelor and believed in the process. "I loved this experience so much. Even though it was so hard at times and I didn’t always have the easiest time, I wouldn’t trade any of it, because I grew so much as a person and learned more about myself," she told the magazine. "So yeah, I would love to have that opportunity to meet somebody. That’s the desire of my heart — to be married and to have a family. I think that can happen on a television show." Then she added her budding catchphrase about being chosen, "I’m not going to keep putting a timeline on it, but it’s gonna be somebody who chooses me and I’m gonna choose them back too.”
Expect to see a lot of limo exit speeches about choosing Hannah, attempts at making proper toasts, and shouts of "roll tide!" when Hannah's season airs in May. Filming for The Bachelorette typically begins in March, so Hannah's about to set off on this journey any day now. So, cheers to her finding that special someone who chooses her as much as she chooses him.

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