Could Hannah B. Be The Dark Horse Bachelorette Candidate We Need?

Photo: Courtesy of ABC.
From the beginning of Colton Underwood’s season of The Bachelor, Hannah Brown has made her presence known — whether it was because of her feud with Caelynn Miller-Keyes or the fact that Hannah Beast kept coming out every time competition got fierce. But after last week’s elimination, Hannah’s gone for good. But with the likely Bachelorette candidates seemingly unclear this year, could Hannah B. be the next Bachelorette?
By Bachelor Nation conventions, she makes a lot of sense. Historically, ABC tends to choose someone who’s been a contestant on the most recent season of The Bachelor — usually, someone who’s made it to hometown dates, but Hannah definitely made it close enough. And although, in the beginning, a lot of people were torn about whether they were Team Hannah or Team Caelynn, by the time that drama died out, Hannah was quickly gaining a lot of fans because of how unapologetically genuine she was on camera.
So does she have a shot at the gig? It's actually not that outrageous, and here’s why.
She Already Has Plenty Of Stage Presence
But that kind of comes with the beauty pageant experience, doesn’t it? Hannah’s been really entertaining to watch this season, whether she was eating bugs or making awkward but funny comments in her ITM interviews. Someone this entertaining to watch would make a pretty solid Bachelorette — she’s full of personality and she’s not afraid to let it show.
She’s Genuinely Fun
If you aren’t already following Hannah on Instagram, you need to. Yeah, there are the predictable pageant and modeling shots, but there’s also a lot of cute stuff from her time on The Bachelor, and she never stops making fun of herself on her Instagram story. She’s just the kind of person that makes you want to root for her… which is kind of important if you’re tuning in every Monday to see if somebody’s going to find the love of her life on a reality show.
She’s Ready To Fight For What She Wants
Hannah struck a chord with a lot of fans on The Bachelor when Colton told her that there’s someone out there for her and she replied, “I know.” Of course there’s someone out there for her — she didn’t need Colton to tell her that.
And then, when she got in the car to leave after Colton sent her home and said, “I will not allow myself to not feel chosen every single day, and I’ll wait ‘til whenever that is”? This is a woman who’s ready to meet that person and she’s not willing to compromise. Sounds like major Bachelorette material.
Being the Bachelorette is a huge risk and means putting yourself out there in a major way, but it seems like Hannah is up for the challenge.

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