How Soon Is Hannah B Really Starting Her Bachelorette Journey?

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The passing of the rose torch from Colton to Hannah B. is done, and it's time for her to start her own journey to find love as the Bachelorette. In fact, Hannah's Bachelorette journey started right then and there on the After The Final Rose stage when she got to meet five men ahead of the show's actual start. Official Bachelorette filming will begin sometime this month, as is typical for past seasons.
The Bachelor typically films from between late September and late November. That means the winning couple has to keep their relationship secret for about four months before the finale finally airs in March. On The Bachelorette, filming usually lasts from mid-March to early May. For example, last year Becca's season started filming on March 15. A similar timeline would have Hannah's season commencing just three days from now, on Friday, March 15. The major filming difference between The Bachelor and The Bachelorette is that the turnaround from filming to airing is much quicker. Chris Harrison said at the end of Colton's finale that Hannah's season premieres on May 13. If she finishes filming in early May, that means she and her winner (provided she picks one) will only have to keep their relationship hidden for about three months. When all you want to do is go to dinner in public with the person you love, that extra month could make a big difference.
But while Hannah's season should officially start filming later this week, fans already had a peek at what to expect thanks to the five quick "limo exits" that took place on Tuesday night. First up was Luke, who told Hannah, "I cannot wait to get to know you on a deeper level." Then came Dustin who attempted a champagne toast with Hannah since she infamously flubbed hers on Colton's season. Next up was Cam who performed a rap about being from Austin but being willing to say "roll tide" for Hannah. Then came Connor who I honestly can't remember anything about, so he must not have outperformed the rapper. And, finally, out came another Luke. Hannah asked him what his last name initial was, since he'll definitely be referred to by that on the show like how she was Hannah B. He told her he was Luke S. Thrilling stuff.
Then Hannah broke convention by asking to give out her very first rose that night. After a very awkward faux rose ceremony where none of the men would be going home, Hannah bestowed the rose to Cam for his rapping skills. "I really liked how you pumped up the jams," Hannah told him as she struggled to affix the rose to his lapel. It was all a little stiff, but, hey, she's just starting out! Usually the first night rose ceremony is a highly produced affair with breaks in between for the Bachelorette to go remember the names of the next few men she wants to give roses to. I'm sure Hannah will pick this up in no time once the show starts filming in earnest in just a few days.
And now that fans know the official premiere date as well, the countdown is on and the premiere parties can be planned. Onto the next!

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