A Few Significant Clues That Jed Is The Guy Who Wins The Bachelorette  

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Half (yes, literally half) of Hannah B.’s contestants may be gone on The Bachelorette, but that still leaves her with 15 suitors all vying to win that final rose (along with her heart). And while some of the bigger personalities are eating up a lot of the camera time — Luke P. and Cam immediately come to mind — there are a few quieter Bachelorette candidates like Jed Wyatt who could very well prove to be the underdog of the season.
Sure, he hasn’t had a ton of alone time with Hannah thus far, but there's just something about him. Jed’s chances of being The Bachelorette winner in 2019 may be greater than you realize. In fact, there are several significant signs that you probably need to keep your eye on him.
Some of the contestants have arguably already been given a leg up on the competition, having met Hannah early on The Bachelor: After the Final Rose special. However, that initial advantage, which was given to Connor S., Cam, Dustin, Luke S., and Luke P, doesn’t necessarily mean one of those guys will be getting down on bended knee by season’s end. Which, in turn, means a Jed victory could be in our near future and if these clues are any indication, that outcome isn’t just possible but also highly probable.
Jimmy Kimmel Predicted Jed Wins The Bachelorette
The late night host has a knack for correctly predicting Bachelor and Bachelorette winners and for Hannah B.’s season, he revealed that he thinks Jed will win The Bachelorette (video below). Considering that Kimmel has gone on to correctly predict the last six out of seven seasons of The Bachelor and the last five out of seven seasons of The Bachelorette, it certainly seems to bode well for Jed’s chances.
Jed Is A Man Of Many Talents
That song Jed wrote for Hannah during the talent portion of their group date pageant a few weeks back was all sorts of swoon-worthy and proved just how much thought and effort he’s willing to put into their relationship right off the bat. Sadly, Hannah didn’t crown him the winner of the date (she should have), but that doesn’t mean she won’t eventually realize how sweet and genuine this guy really is. Plus, who doesn’t love a guy who can sing and write songs about them?
Jed Is All Over Promos For The Bachelorette
Okay fine, maybe he’s not getting as much screen time as walking drama magnet Luke P., but he does still pop up in most of the Bachelorette promos ABC has aired, which could definitely be telling in and of itself. Of course the series wants to enhance the dramatic aspect of the show, so featuring Luke P. makes sense. But then why also include someone as quiet and kind as Jed?Unless! He’s going to become a bigger part of the season down the line. Mark my words, this guy is popping up for a reason and that reason could be that he’s the ultimate winner.
Naturally, we won’t know for sure who Hannah ends up choosing until the season finale, which is still several weeks away. But right now Jed stands a solid chance of walking from this season as an engaged man. I suppose you could say, his future appears to be coming up roses. (Okay, sorry, I’ll stop.)

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