These Are The Guys Bachelorette Hannah Met On After The Final Rose, In Case You Forgot

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Limo arrivals are arguably the best part of The Bachelorette because we get to awkwardly meet all the new Bachelorette contestants and guess who will get the First Impression Rose (and maybe even the final rose).
This year, The Bachelorette broke tradition and released portraits of Hannah’s contestants shortly after Colton’s season ended, but premiere is the first time viewers will get to see how most of the men interact with Hannah. That is, of course, excluding the five guys that Hannah met on After The Final Rose. And if you can't remember who got that very lucky headstart (it was a few months ago, after all), we've got you.
Why does all this matter? Well, you should be paying close attention to the lucky men who already shared a few seconds with Hannah because both Rachel Lindsay and Becca Kufrin kept contestants they met on ATFR all the way to their final four. Lindsay was introduced to Dean Unglert and Eric Bigger early (who were fourth and third place, respectively), and Kufrin’s initial spark with Blake Horstman lasted until the final two. So, for a refresher, here are all the men Hannah initially met on ATFR and the first impressions they left her with.

Luke P.

The first Luke Hannah met (she'd meet another minutes later) seemed quite nervous, which was understandable considering it was presumably his first time on live television. He introduced himself with a popular line from this show: “You are the only one I wanted to be the Bachelorette.” He also tried to get the crowd to applaud Hannah and stayed on the stage a little too long. He came across as loving camera time, so that's something to keep an eye on.


This franchise really knows how to reference a storyline over and over... and over again. So obviously one of Hannah’s contestants had to poke fun at her inability to make a toast on her first one-on-one date with Colton. That someone was Dustin, aka the contestant who brought out two champagne glasses. He began his speech with “Cheers to the start of a wonderful beginning.” It's not the best opening line, but he clearly has a goofy side that could pair well with Hannah’s personality.


Cam is the guy who rapped for Hannah (he's also from Austin, but that's not the memorable part). The attempted rapping was probably planned for Hannah G. (who rapped on Colton's season), but our Bachelorette seemed to enjoy it because she awarded Cam a rose for his skills. The preview for this season shows Hannah still handing out a First Impression Rose during night one, so looks like Cam is out of the running. Hannah did really seem to like him, though, so we fully expect him to share his raps with Bachelor Nation for a while.

Connor S.

Like Luke, Connor S. must have also The Bachelorette before because his opening lines also included “I was really excited to hear you were the next Bachelorette.” He told Hannah being on the same level was important to him so he brought out a step stool (that he claimed to have bedazzled himself!) to help her see eye-to-eye with him. She ended up being taller than Connor, but it was a nice gesture. He also came across as confident but not arrogant. Good start!

Luke S.

Oof, Luke S. The second Luke of the night probably made the worst impression on Hannah (and Bachelor Nation) out of all the men. The Nick Viall look-alike thought it was wise to tell a woman he just met, “I know you’re from Alabama and I don’t go down South often. But, for you, I’d go down anytime.” Hannah was flustered and Fairy Godfather Chris Harrison was not too pleased by the forward (not to mention selfish!) remark. Out of all the men Hannah met so far, Luke definitely has a lot of pressure on him to prove he deserves to stick around to both Hannah and Bachelor Nation. Let’s see if he can pull it off.

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