What Does Hannah Brown's First Rose Ceremony Tells Us About Her Bachelorette Season?

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After weeks of speculation, it’s official: Hannah Brown is the 2019 Bachelorette. ABC finally confirmed the long-suspected rumor during Tuesday night’s The Bachelor season 23 “After The Final Rose” finale special. At this point in the Bachelor(ette) Industrial Complex’s annual schedule, that tidbit of weighty news is traditionally just about all the information viewers would have. We might get a passing glance at a few of the next Bachelorette contestants — remember Banjo Guy from last year? — but everything is usually moving so fast, the reality TV stunt goes by in a blur.
Yet, that was not the case with Alabama Hannah’s introduction to her Bachelorette duties and contests. Yes, she, like Becca Kufrin before her, met five men who will be vying for her heart over the next few months. However, unlike any Bachelorette before her, Hannah did something unheard of: she held a rose ceremony in the waning seconds of The Bachelor's “Season Finale, Part 2.”
The move wasn’t just unorthodox — it revealed lots of clues about what to expect from Hannah’s season, premiering exactly two months from now on Monday, May 13. It looks like we’re in for 10 weeks of University Of Alabama references and a real emphasis on loopy fun.
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Each of Hannah’s suitors filled a different archetype. The first Luke, who met the Bachelorette with a straightforward hand-hold and speech, was earnest but not very memorable. In a world of sloths and “dolphins” and balloon gags, simple kind words are as low-key as one can get. Dustin, the only man of color in the group, was lovably awkward and gave a purposefully self-conscious toast à la Hannah’s first one-on-one date. Cam, the surprise rapper, was immediately goofy while still staying true to his Southern roots with mentions of his Texas hometown and alma mater (remind you of any “Roll tide” yelling Bachelorettes?). Baby-faced Connor veered the closest to Disney prince out of all the contestants by pulling out a bedazzled stool for Hannah to stand on. And, Nick Viall doppelgänger Luke S. simply went overtly sexual with a “going down” joke host Chris Harrison did not approve of.
Of all these men, Hannah, who said she was looking for a “spark,” handed the rose to Cam. The choice proved she wants a man who can make her laugh. After all, her face lit up the moment he began rapping and she literally screamed with joy when he finished by blowing rose petals in her face. Then, still reeling from the performance, Hannah yelled, “Crushed it,” as he walked off stage. It was a silly moment Hannah fully enjoyed.
That description continued when Hannah explained Cam's win, admitting, “I really like how you pumped up the jams. That was awesome.” Clearly, the 2019 Bachelorette wants someone who can be as fun loving as she proved to be over her season of The Bachelor — at least when Pageantgate wasn’t dominating the conversation.
Photo: Courtesy of ABC.
Hannah’s own lighthearted side was on full display as she figured out how to lead a rose ceremony. After meeting her first five contestants, the Bachelorette very excitedly announced, “Those were studs!” When it came time to choose which man would get a rose, Hannah fit in a few jokes, despite alleged nerves. She started out her speech by dramatically saying, “This is one of the hardest decisions I’ve made this season,” getting laughs from a very supportive audience. Later she ribbed the guys, adding, “To those of you who do not get this rose, I can’t wait to see you all back at the mansion. And, you know, try harder.”
However, Hannah’s one Bachelor Achilles heel also popped up during this time: Her need for perfection. Although the pageant queen watched Colton Underwood hand out roses for weeks, no one taught her how to fasten the boutonnière roses Bachelorettes give to their men. She was understandably flummoxed when Cam appeared before her to be pinned. When the Texan offered the easy solution of sliding the flower into his jacket, Hannah shot back, “No, I don’t feel like that’s right.” She then kept trying until the rose was properly affixed to Cam's clothing.
Thankfully, Hannah’s airy mood returned when she realized she never asked Cam if he wanted the rose in the first place. So Miss Alabama started the entire process over, stumbling over her works to ask, “Would you like to accept this rose?” Once again, the audience erupted in laughter over the awkward turn of phrase.
Get ready for a Bachelorette season with tons of humor from Hannah B. — and some not-so-surprising tension when everything doesn’t go absolutely according to plan.

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