The Bachelor: After The Final Rose Recap: Cassie & Colton Forever… For Now

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Congratulations Bachelor Nation: We’ve made it to the end of Colton’s journey. Pour yourself a glass of rose and toast to your loyalty. Unlike Cassie, you stuck by our fearless leader through the ups and the fence jumps. Yes, only two hours stand between us and the finish line but there are lingering questions that need to be addressed before a happily ever after can happen. Does Cassie actually want to be with Colton? How will Colton win her back? Will he lose his virginity? Will we be robbed of our seasonal visit from Neil Lane? How the heck does Chris Harrison look so good? The possible conclusions are endless. Let’s see if we get our much-deserved answers...
We last saw our fallen star knock knockin’ on Cassie’s door. (Does she want to build a snowman?) She looks happy — albeit, surprised — to see him. And before she can welcome him inside, Colton goes in for a hug. He lets go and asks if they can have a conversation downstairs. If Colton were her parent, she’d immediately assume she was in trouble.
Settled on a bench, he lays it all out on the line. “Watching you walk away the other night was the hardest thing that I ever had to watch,” he confesses. “That’s why I sacrificed and gave up everything.”
Pause, what?
Yes, Colton fills her in on everything that’s happened in the last 24 hours: He hopped a fence, quit the show and broke up with Tayshia and Hannah G. It’s a lot to take in. “Two women that could have given me a good life with them and given me everything that I wanted,” he explains, “But it wasn’t with who I wanted it to be with.”
He says he won’t ask her to marry him, but rather, he wants a second chance. He wants to take this day by day and figure out where they heck they’re headed. All of this is, as she puts it, is crazy. Cassie explains she left because the remaining women could give him what he wanted: A fiancee, a wife, a life together. She doesn’t know if she can ever do that and she doesn’t want him to resent her.
They kiss. He asks her to meet his family in Spain. And they’re off. You know, how these things usually go. “I don’t know what I’m ready for,” she says, “I feel good right now, though.”
Now in Mallorca, Spain, Colton is strolling through the streets in a questionable pink denim jacket and red t-shirt. ICYMI: He’s in love and now a walking Valentine. Colton meets up with his family and updates them on e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g that’s happened. “I am no longer a virgin,” he squeals. Ha, just kidding. His bedroom activities — or lack thereof — are too much for Dad. Bachelor Nation, on the other hand, is leaning in toward their television sets, needing every sexual detail like our lives are dependent on it.
“Do you think Cassie is in love with you?” his dad asks. Colton responds, “At this point, no.” But Dad, she cares and that goes a long way! Maybe. Needless to say, Colton's parents are skeptical.
Meanwhile, Cassie seems like she’s about to bail. Again. She’s so nervous to meet Colton’s family that she starts breaking down in tears. “This is probably not what they expected,” she tells him. “I just want to be able to be to tell them things they want to hear.” She’s about to tell his parents that she’s confused and may very well break his heart for the second time. That’s no simple feat. But Colton, ever the optimistic, reassures her: “They’re going to love you!” Well, let’s just wait and see...
Cassie is greeted with hugs but it’s still hard to watch. She’s a little fish in a pool of Underwood sharks. But she gets right to it and explains her fear of commitment and why she left. “Coming in here,” she mumbles, “And knowing you guys had expectations for what you wanted for him and what you expected today, it’s been hard knowing I’m not going to live up to that necessarily right now.”
Colton’s mom asks to have a minute with him and it’s now that she reveals his fears for him. She doesn’t want him setting himself up for more heartbreak. It’s the same concern his dad shares with him later. But Colton won’t let their words affect him. Yes, the ball is in Cassie's court, but that’s a risk he’s willing to take.
“I’m literally giving this woman my heart,” he confesses. “She’s holding it and it’s up to her what she does with it.”
The next day, they head out on their final date. In the car, Cassie asks him to sing for her. “I have the worst voice,” admits Colton. “I don’t want you to leave me again.” Cringe, too soon buddy. Anyway, they have a picnic on the beach but first they have to propel down a cliffside, a.k.a. his adorable thing he had with Tayshia.
When they reach the bottom, he asks her about her concerns. Why isn’t she all in? After an almost painfully long pause, she admits it’s not him but commitment that scares her. “I dated someone in college and he had planned out when he was going to propose to me,” she explains. “Then it got pretty controlling. I think that’s why I’m so hesitant to be in a committed relationship.” But then why sign up for a show where the end goal is a committed relationship? As a viewer, it all sounds suspicious, but Colton has no fear. He tells her a true, solid relationship is about trust. They’ll have their separate hobbies and friends, but, they’ll come together at the end of the day.
“More than ever I feel how much Colton loves me and I think I’m starting to accept it,” she admits. “It made me excited about the kind of relationship we can have.”
At dinner, Colton once again reminds her how much he cares for her, offering a toast to Cassie. And she admits she’s actually glad everything has panned out the way it has, despite the turmoil. “I feel like, in a way, we both needed it,” she says. “Going into tonight, I just feel more myself and I feel, as much as I haven’t felt confident in a lot of things, I feel more confident. I think a lot of is it because of you.” Colton has showed her what a great relationship looks like. Now, she admits, “I want to be all in.”
With that, out comes the fantasy suite invitation, which he’s casually been holding on to since Portugal. She immediately accepts — and they basically run to their room. There, he (kindly) kicks the producers out of their room and hangs the do not disturb sign. Except, they’re still mic’d. Colton may be a virgin but he’s not falling for any rookie moves tonight. They call back for the camera guys to help them. Please award this crew an Emmy.
So, is Colton still a virgin? “Last night with Cassie was absolutely incredible and I feel like a new man,” he admits. “We had an amazing night and we did what was best for our relationship and we grew as a couple.”
"Care to elaborate," asks a producer? “A gentleman never kisses and tells,” he quips. “But I do want you to know that I am very happy and you can use your imagination” There you have it, Bachelor Nation. The moment you’ve eagerly waited 10 weeks and 12 episodes for. Take it and run wherever you desire.
Cuddling in bed, Colton and Cassie kiss and stare at a tray of untouched breakfast food. They giggle about not getting a lot of sleep and Cassie admits her… calf hurts? Hmm, someone get her a foam roller ASAP!
And that’s a wrap on Cassie and Colton’s journey. Now back in L.A., they join Chris Harrison and a live studio audience for their first public appearance. While wiping lipstick off her boyfriend’s cheek, Cassie gushes that they’re “super in love” and have talked about an engagement. There’s nothing holding them back. Except for Cassie’s dad, jokes Colton.
“We still have a lot of room to grow in our relationship,” he explains. “We’re enjoying dating right now.” And though he just moved out to California, they’re in no rush to move in together. Reminder: They are only 23 and 26.
But Colton does have one final question for his love. “I know we started this with 30 roses,” he says. “I’m looking forward to a lifetime of happiness with you. Cassandra, will you accept this rose?” She actually gets his rose and and a trip back to Thailand, where they had their first one-on-one. Let’s hear it for the #sponcon!
Now, it’s Chris’ turn to ask the questions: Did Colton lose his virginity? Well, that’s one secret our candid virgin (or experienced lover?!) will never tell: “Since there are two of us now in our relationship it’s something that we’re going to keep to ourselves.”
Chris Harrison takes that as a "yes."
Now, on to the next journey. There is no time to waste! Our Bachelorette is ready to take her post. Or better yet, our pageant queen is ready to claim her throne. Yes, Hannah B. will be doling out roses come May 13. “I feel all the emotions,” she raves. “But honestly I just really grateful for this opportunity.”
She’s hopeful for an engagement and, if need be, thinks she can outrun Chris in heels. But who will she crown The One? We’re granted a preview tonight when Hannah meets five of her suitors.
Up first is Luke. “You are the only one that I wanted to be the next Bachelorette,” he tells her. “Now that I’m here actually holding your hands in real life, seriously this is just blowing my mind.” Next is Dustin, who brings out two champagne flutes for a toast followed by Cam who uses Roll Tide in a rap. Connor wants them to be on the same level and presents her with a stool as their first step in seeing eye to eye. (Aw!) And last is another Luke — Chris hails him a Nick Viall’s doppelgänger. Though he doesn’t go down South, he says he’d go down on her anytime. Yeah, that really happened.
And since there are apparently no rules these days on The Bachelor/ette, Hannah Beast gives out her very first rose to Cam. Grabbing the boutonniere, she admits, “I don’t know how to put this on.”

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