How The Bachelor's Colton & Cassie Managed To Get Back Together

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When Cassie left The Bachelor, it seemed like she and Colton were done for good. But true love can outlast any little hiccup, and so Cassie and Colton are back together after The Bachelor. After Cassie left Colton broken-hearted, he jumped a fence, and the little break in production seemed to have given him some clarity. He came back to the show, sent Hannah G. and Tayshia both home, and then went to chase down Cassie.
She opened her door for Colton and heard him out. He explained that they didn't need to get engaged if she wasn't ready for that, but that he let his other bachelorettes go early because he couldn't see his life without her in some capacity. Cassie, who left the show confused about her feelings, seemed to have sorted through them enough by then to agree that she also wanted to be with Colton — even if it was just as boyfriend and girlfriend for now taking things "day by day" as Colton kept saying.
This isn't the first time the show has ended without an engagement. Brad Womack infamously didn't choose either of the final two women on his season and went home single. But seven other Bachelors went the "let's just date" route with their final rose winners. Although, in all of those occasions, either the Bachelor or both the Bachelor and the winner weren't ready for more commitment. This case is a little different, because Colton said all season that he wanted a fiancée at the end of all this. It was Cassie who was unsure if she could get there on this condensed timeline — especially after her father warned her that it all seemed a little too soon.
"I feel like I'm having doubts about it and I don't know why I'm so confused. I just feel like all this is a lot to think about," she said during their initial breakup during Fantasy Suite week. "I wonder if I would have been sure by now. I don't know. I don't understand. I don't know. I hate that I don't know. I can't. I'm sorry."
The pressures of not only falling in love in two months, but also getting engaged shouldn't be underestimated. It's normal to be freaked out about how fast everything is going. That's why Colton did initially tell Cassie that if the looming idea of getting engaged at the rose ceremony was scaring her, they didn't need to necessarily go that route. What he knew is that he loved her, and he wanted to figure out the rest with her.
It's ultimately why he really had no choice but to go after her. He didn't want to be with Hannah G. or Tayshia, and he'd already told Cassie that. So he went to her to tell her, once more, that he was serious about being with her in any capacity that she could handle. Right now that's just as a couple who's dating. Will things change by the time After The Final Rose airs? Possibly. The finale of The Bachelor was filmed in November. Perhaps over the last four months, Cassie was able to get to a point where she wanted to get engaged. Perhaps not. What matters most is that she and Colton were able to come to an agreement about how to move forward with their relationship in a way that worked for them.

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