This Colton Underwood Sighting Supposedly Spoils After The Final Rose

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UPDATE: This article was originally published on March 11 at 6:27 pm ET.
Warning: The clue in this article might be a spoiler for the season finale of The Bachelor. It’s finally time for Colton Underwood’s Bachelor finale, but the way the end of his season will play out has never been less clear. Only Tayshia and Cassie managed to get through their fantasy suite dates before a major plot twist happened, shaking up the way the rest of this season will unfold: Cassie’s dad showed up in Portugal, where the dates were going down, and made her realize that she wasn’t ready to marry Colton. But even though it seems like all hope is lost for the two of them, there’s actually a clue that Colton and Cassie are back together in the end — yes, despite the fact that she told him at least a dozen times that she was sure she did not have feelings for him.
Colton's stunt — jumping a fence, dumping his other contestants, and knocking on Cassie's door — worked, because Cassie and Colton got back together during The Bachelor season finale.
Original article follows:
According to Us Weekly, on February 28 — just a little over two weeks before the Bachelor finale was set to air — paparazzi spotted Colton leaving the gym with Gregg Sulkin. That in itself isn’t such a big deal… except when you consider the connection that exists between these two guys is something that a lot of Bachelor fans are very aware of.
Sulkin just so happens to be currently dating Michelle Randolph, Cassie’s sister (yes, the same sister she had an emotional conversation with on her hometown date). Why would Colton be hanging out with Cassie’s sister’s boyfriend if he wasn’t, at the very least, dating Cassie? Their breakup went down on Monday's episode and it was brutal — so brutal that Colton literally jumped over a fence to deal. That’s not the kind of breakup that lends itself to hanging out with your ex’s family afterwards.
Knowing that Colton’s still friendly with Sulkin is a very good indicator that at some point, Cassie and Colton do get back together. At what point? That part is still pretty unclear. It would make sense that it would happen before the end of the show, since all signs point to Colton wanting no one but Cassie going into the final rose ceremony, but it could have been even later than that. After all, it’s been months since filming for The Bachelor ended.
And honestly, after everything that Colton said, it’s really hard to believe that he could end up with either Tayshia or Hannah G. No offense to either of those women, but he straight up told Cassie that she was his choice at the end of all of this, so how could he go back on that and propose to someone else on the finale?
However this ends up playing out this week, it seems like the odds are still in Cassie’s favor… even if it’s really, really hard to imagine how she and Colton are going to come back from that conversation they had in Portugal.

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