Let's Figure Out Whose Door Colton Is Knocking On In That Bachelor Finale Promo

Photo: Courtesy of ABC.
Cassie threw Colton and The Bachelor into chaos when she left the show during Fantasy Suite week. Colton was all ready to confess his feelings to her, but she was too confused to sort out how she actually felt. She decided the best thing for her would be to exit the show, but Colton was super torn up about that. So much so that it wouldn't be at all surprising if Cassie's door is what Colton's knocking on in The Bachelor finale promo.
It's pretty clear that he was in love with only her, and he may be going to her house to try to win her back. But let's break down the clues that seem to prove it. First of all, both Tayshia and Hannah G. are shown excitedly talking about their future with Colton. Tayshia is laying out a photo collage of her time with him, and Hannah G. says in a talking head that she's finally going to say, "I love you" to Colton. There are few things this franchise loves as much as showcasing one woman's complete excitement and total confidence in their relationship only to have it be completely knocked down by a blindside breakup. (Kind, eh?)
Colton is also shown driving away from the show in tears, almost like he left filming and his two remaining women behind to figure out what was next. That's not how a happily engaged Bachelor leaves the show, that's for sure. Colton also got advice from both his father and Chris Harrison in clips from the promo. Perhaps he did that before taking a big leap of faith to go track Cassie down and try, try again with her. Harrison even said, "Where do we go from here?" to which Colton replied, "All there is is the truth."
The biggest truth Bachelor fans know right now is that Colton loves Cassie. He loves her so much he couldn't stop thinking about her even when on dates with the other women. He was so invested in a future with her that when she said she was nervous about a proposal he basically threw out what he'd been saying all season he wanted and told her that it didn't necessarily have to go down that way if she didn't want. He tried everything he could to get her to stay but it wasn't enough.
Still, Cassie left by kissing him and telling him she loved him — so there are certainly some unresolved feelings there. These are feelings Colton will likely try to explore if he can get her to talk to him off the show. And, let's be real, that white door totally reads California, which is where Cassie lives. All signs are pointing to Colton leaving Tayshia and Hannah G. and hunting down Cassie for a second chance. Now all she has to do is open the door.

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