Family Is Probably The Only Thing That Could Change Cassie's Fate On The Bachelor

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What had been a pretty smooth journey thus far for Cassie and Colton on The Bachelor hit a snag last week. Cassie's name came up as someone who was possibly not there for the right reasons (which she denied). It looked as though Colton may send her home, but he ultimately chose to go to hometowns with her, allowing the frontrunner to breathe a sigh of relief. But their future isn't sealed yet. Cassie's family could change her mind about Bachelor Colton, because they're the people she trusts above all else — and as we saw on Monday's episode, Cassie's dad has an issue with Colton and this whole reality show set-up. And while nothing seems to be able to get in Cassie's way this season, her family's disapproval just might have the power to slow the Cassie and Colton train down.
Cassie's dad had a rare (for The Bachelor), serious chat with her about the issues with the set-up of the show and its ability to create lasting, real marriages in a matter of months. "He's still dating three other girls. I just want a little reality check," he said to Cassie about Colton. "I know what you're saying, I know what you're saying," a flummoxed Cassie responded. Her dad clarified in a talking head that he didn't like to judge people too quickly, but he also didn't have a rave review for Colton. "He seemed like a, you know, guy — dating my daughter," her dad eventually said.
If Cassie takes her father's concerns to heart (and she seemed to a little, stating she won't accept a proposal if she's not sure), it could be enough to sway Cassie's mind about Colton. She's made it clear that her family is her number one priority. Her Bachelor bio even says, "The one thing she wouldn't do for love is turn her back on her family."
Her Instagram further shows just how close the Randolphs really are. "These are my people forever," she wrote on a group photo of her family.
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Her sister Michelle is younger by two years, but Cassie still refers to her sister as "my little twin" and "forever and ever my partner in crime." And when Michelle turned 21, Cassie uploaded a loving post about her. "Happy 21st to my baby sister & my better half," she wrote in the caption. "So lucky to be stuck with you our entire lives. Wouldn’t want to be old in a rocking chair with anyone else. LOVE U more than life bb girl."
Cassie also has a brother, whom she's close to as well. "Craving some sibling time," she captioned a photo of her with Michelle and their brother Landon playing in the pool. And she's posted about how much she loves and respects her parents too, so if her father has a problem with Colton and the process of the show, she could end up agreeing with her dad.
"Happy Father's Day to the very best Dada in the entire world!!" she once wrote on Instagram. "Words can't describe how blessed I am to have you as a huge part of my life. I'm more than lucky to have a dad who supports me and cares for me as much as you do. Love you more than anything."
Colton is feeling really good about his relationship with Cassie. He even said in a talking head at the end of the most recent episode, "I can picture our future together, and I'm feeling very excited about meeting Cassie's family 'cause I'm falling in love with her."
But those feelings of Colton's may not matter if Cassie's family doesn't see their future together. She's obviously capable of making her own choices, but she's also been clear that family comes first. So expect their opinions to matter a lot to her — and Colton better hope they come around.

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