According To Cassie Randolph, The Bachelor Women Actually Have Each Other's Backs

Photo: Courtesy of ABC.
Cassie may be Colton's sister from a past life (as a fortune teller awkwardly told the pair on a recent Bachelor date), but she's also a sneaky frontrunner who gets a private island one-on-one date with Colton soon, according to previews. His obvious attraction to her (they were able to laugh off the sibling comment and still make out) is proving she's one to watch, and it's time for fans to get to know her better, including the fact that while she may be on the show for the right reasons, she's also there for her girls. Cassie's Instagram reveals that The Bachelor contestants have each other's backs — no matter what the week-to-week drama on our TVs may suggest. Ahead of the episode in which Caelynn shared her sexual assault story, Cassie posted a group photo of the contestants alongside a lengthy caption that reads:
"Last September, I met 29 amazing women who quickly went from being complete strangers to lifelong friends. Being on The Bachelor was the ultimate bonding experience for me. Despite the competitive environment during the show, each one of us supports each other as fellow women. Tonight’s episode is very significant and I hope it creates dialogue and empowers those hurting to know they’re not alone."
And one glance at the comments shows that Cassie isn't alone in supporting her fellow contestants. "I love you so much, Cass," Caelynn wrote alongside several heart emojis. "So much love," added Heather. "Love you!" Elyse chimed in. "Love you, you presh human," Caitlin commented. Tayshia and Katie added some heart emojis. And Nicole responded, "I was just about to post this! Love uu."
Some of the contestants posted similar messages on their own pages. "The amount of depth and beauty in each of these ladies is so much more than meets the eye. So much love for all my girls," Heather wrote on Instagram. And Katie captioned her own group photo, "The love in this photo is real … We learned that no matter what the circumstance, there will always be someone that has your back. I’m incredibly grateful to have shared this journey with such a strong group of women."
On The Bachelor, you don't always leave with a leading man — but you do always leave with a brand new group of friends for life. Despite the drama you see on TV between Demi and Tracy or Demi and Courtney or Onyeka and Nicole or Hannah B. and Caelynn, Cassie's post illustrates that these women are there for each other in the end and that love between friends is the one thing the show always manages to foster. No matter what happens with the final rose, these women clearly have each other's backs.

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