The Bachelor Finale's "Is Colton A Virgin" Panel Was Unreal — Even For This Show

Photo: Courtesy of ABC.
Warning: Spoilers for the season finale of The Bachelor are ahead.
In case you (somehow) didn't notice, Chris Harrison is borderline obsessed with Colton's virginity on The Bachelor. The show's host mentioned it so many times in the two-night live finale, making it seem like it was the only question fans wanted answered. (Actually most fans wanted to know if Cassie and Colton were still together, would they get engaged, and who would be the next Bachelorette, but sure.) Just so Harrison didn't have to be the only one weirdly talking about another person's sex life, though, The Bachelor producers put together a panel of former contestants, to figure out if Colton is still a virgin, which is honestly taking this whole thing too far.
The six-person (yes, six not including Harrison) was shown on stage at the live finale. They reacted to the scene of Colton kicking the sound people out of his room for some private time with Cassie. There to comment on something that was totally not their business were Colton's former contestants Sydney, Demi, and Onyeka. Also there for some inexplicable reason because they genuinely have zero ties to Colton (they didn't even date him) were perpetual Bachelor commentator Ben Higgins as well as two of Becca Kufrin's contestants Jason Tartick and Chris Randone.
Photo: Courtesy of ABC.
The panel made jokes and laughed at Cassie and Colton's expense, Jason cheered on his boy, and Chris shared a little bit of information from his own Fantasy Suite on Bachelor in Paradise with Krystal Nielson. But even a six-person panel analyzing Colton's every feeling and move wasn't enough for Harrison. He wanted answers from the horse's mouth. When Cassie and Colton joined him on the live show, Harrison wasn't shy about asking if Colton was still a virgin. Colton answered that while he's been open about the topic in the past, those days are over out of respect for Cassie. "Since there are two of now in this relationship, we're going to keep this to ourselves," he said, understably deflecting the question.
Frankly, the focus on Colton's virginity was overdone all season. It was never really any of our business. Don't forget the first time Colton opened up about the subject was on Becca's season, and he told her within the context of their relationship. He was dating her and wanted to open up, and it just happened to be on a TV show. On his own season, it was really only the business of the women he was dating. Now that he's exclusively seeing Cassie, it's a subject that should stay between them, as Colton requested.
Harrison and his creepy panel need to let this line of questioning die here. There are so many other things worth talking about with respect to this finale — but the virginity question isn't one of them.

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