These Members Of Bachelor Nation Are Colton Underwood Virginity Truthers

Photo: Courtesy of ABC.
With Bachelor fantasy suites around the corner, it's natural for audiences to wonder whether or not he's going to lose his NEAR CONSTANTLY MENTIONED virginity with one of the remaining women. While his choice to abstain from sex has been a big part of this season, others from Bachelor Nation have called bullshit on his virginity — most recently the call came from Robby Hayes.
Hayes last appeared on Bachelor In Paradise, and gave his two cents on the franchise's current season when he appeared on Jackie Maroney's podcast, Bleav in Bachelor Blab podcast. Specifically, he says he doesn't believe Underwood's virginity claims and claims he even saw proof.
"I personally don't really think he's a virgin," Hayes told the post. "I saw that picture that came out, I'm sure you did too."
The picture he's referring to is a Snapchat of the blue-eyed Bachelor with the caption — and yes you're reading this correctly — "I fucked a big tittied hoe last night."
"I actually got sent that picture about two months before it came out by my sister because this person, he sent it to is one of her friends," Hayes explained. "And so she was like, 'Oh my God. He's not a virgin."
Here's the thing: TMZ debunked that photo a few weeks ago. Apparently, it's an old pic with a fake caption slapped onto it that started making the rounds.
Hayes isn't the only Bachelor franchise alum to express their skepticism. Before the season even aired, former Bachelor contestant Corinne Olympios told the Domenick Nati Show that she is getting "some insincere feelings from him."
When asked if she meant in regards to his virginity, Olympios confirmed that she thinks that's a total lie.
"I just don’t buy it," she told the hosts.
But, in the end, there's no reason to believe Underwood hasn't been telling the truth about his virgin status. As for what will happen in fantasy suites? Now that's anyone's guess.

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