The Worst Virgin Jokes From Colton Underwood's Bachelor Premiere

Photo: ABC/Rick Rowell.
Colton Underwood's Bachelor cherry has been popped, and that's not even the worst joke from The Bachelor season 23 premiere. The three hour episode couldn't stop reminding the audience of its star's sexual status. Ever since the 26-year-old revealed on Becca Kufrin's season of The Bachelorette that he is a virgin, he's had to answer for it in interviews, Instagram posts, and now, on television again as a number of the contestants brought their worst virgin puns to the mansion alongside a bag of nuts, and even a dog.
Of the 30 women who stepped out of limos (or, at one point, a cop car), a handful inevitably used Underwood's virginity as a punchline or way to make themselves stand out. Luckily, our Bachelor took them all in stride, pretending like he's never, ever heard that v-card joke before. For the most part, he's happy to talk about it.
"I’m so happy that I started a conversation or at least allowed people and mothers — I can’t tell you how many mothers reached out to me, how many parents, even some 20-plus-year-olds have reached out to me and said ‘Hey I’ve been in your boat before, I’ve been ashamed and thank you for being a voice,'" Underwood told Variety after the tense The Bachelorette: Men Tell All episode over the summer. "I love hearing stories like that."
But that doesn't mean the jokes were good. Actually, there's only one I liked, and it involved a sloth costume. Read ahead for the most cringe-worthy virgin jokes from The Bachelor season premiere.

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