Here's Who Is Left On Hannah's Season Of The Bachelorette

Photo: courtesy of ABC.
In her quest to find love, Hannah has already sent home quite a few of her suitors on The Bachelorette. She hasn't been shy about eliminating those that she feels aren't there for the right reasons or just aren't right for her. On the first night, she actually sent one contestant home before the rose ceremony had even started after she learned that he allegedly had a girlfriend back home. (He denied it, but he was still sent packing) At the rapid rate they've been leaving, the contestants still left on Hannah's Bachelorette season are getting closer to that final rose every week.
Hannah started the season with 30 suitors. After the first three weeks, the Bachelorette already eliminated 14 of the men and one more (Tyler G.) left before the third rose ceremony, although viewers weren't given a reason why. That brought her number to half that of which she started, but more men are going to be leaving every week from here on out until she's whittled them to the final two. From there, she'll bestow her final rose to her lucky winner, and he may or may not propose depending on how ready he is. Until that happens, though, here's everyone who is still in the running for that final rose.

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