Tyler Gwozdz Responds To Allegations Of Abuse After Sudden Bachelorette Exit

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Tyler Gwozdz got nothing more than a sentence after he abruptly left The Bachelorette midway through Monday night's episode. After announcing his departure to her room of suitors, Hannah Brown told the camera, "Tyler G. had to leave, and that’s upsetting because I really enjoyed my date with him."
Searching for the reason behind Gwozdz's departure and finding no official comment (ABC did not release a statement nor did they return Refinery29's request for comment at the time of publication) Bachelorette fans turned to a different source: Reality Steve, aka Steve Carbone, who runs the blog of the same name. Though Reality Steve is not a sanctioned source for Bachelor Nation knowledge, Carbone has been spilling tea on the franchise for years now — which occasionally leads to legal issues.
Carbone — who is often asked by sites to weigh in on Bachelor Nation drama and boasts nearly 200,000 followers on Twitter — has his own claims as to why Gwozdz left the show. In the absence of an official comment, many fans have looked towards the Reality Steve take, which is that Gwozdz was allegedly asked to leave the show by producers who claimed that they found information about his "past relationships."
What this specific information allegedly is, Reality Steve did not say. However, he did claim that the accusations were "out there" if you looked for them, which led to fans finding a Reddit post from March which claims Gwozdz spit on an ex-girlfriend and is an "extreme misogynist."
In an email to Refinery29, Gwozdz denied all of the allegations and said he is but a dutiful son trying to make his mother proud.
"Addressing totally unsubstantiated rumors posted to Reddit from an anonymous account seems imprudent," he wrote. "I feel that even addressing them gives them some sort attention and fuel but I continue to have faith in my journey and in a purpose for everything that’s happened to me in my life. Above everything else I am a son to my mother. She raised me to be better than these sort of baseless accusations. The rumors are so far out of the realm of my personality and values that it seems silly to waste time denying, but I suppose I will for the record. BUT I will be alright."
He maintains that his exit was a mutual decision he arrived at with the show's producers.
"This was a decision that I came to with producers, and something that I’ve come to realize what is the best decision that could’ve been made," he said. The reason his actual exit wasn't aired, he claimed, was to respect his privacy.
Then, Gwozdz took it to another level by bringing up cyberbullying and how it's affecting today's youth. Bet you didn't see that one coming.
"The Internet is an amazing tool and can be used to create all sorts of good in the world, but I think it’s important that we address the reality of the situation. Anybody can say anything they want about anybody they want. Period," wrote Gwozdz, before taking to the cyberbullying soapbox. "It’s having a shocking effect on the younger generation, ESPECIALLY young women. Girls are about twice as likely as boys to be victims of cyberbullying, and bullying victims are 2 to 9 times more likely to consider committing suicide. Please think about what you post. I am more than happy to take the slings and arrows of the internet world if it can help save one young person from experiencing what my family and I are currently battling. If you are lost, message me. I’m here for you. Reach out. There is love in this world."
All statistics cited are from Gwozdz, and he did not provide sources.
Gwozdz is not the only contestant this season whose time was cut short. Matt Dione, who was announced as a contestant earlier this year, never made it onto the show after a Twitter user exposed some of his persistent Instagram DMs. It is unknown if that was the reason ABC chose to not have him move forward.
Not every Bachelorette contestant with a questionable past is immediately kicked off the show. Former Bachelorette Becca Kufrin and contestant Garrett Yrigoyen are engaged, despite fans digging up the fact that Yrigoyen allegedly liked a meme about survivors of school shootings being crisis actors. That's really bad — and he won.
Just where is the line in Bachelor Nation, and how did Gwozdz allegedly cross it? We may never get the real tea.
This is a developing story.

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