The Guy Who Already Has A Rose On The Bachelorette Seems Kinda Shady Already

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The Bachelorette just started on May 13, but one contestant got a rose way back in March. When Hannah was first introduced as the Bachelorette on Colton's After The Final Rose special, she met five of her men that night. She even got to hand out a pre-show first Bachelorette rose, which Hannah gave to Cam.
The 30-year-old software salesman from Austin, Texas wowed Hannah with a rap he'd written just for her... twice. Both on After The Final Rose and during his limo entrance, Cam's rap lyrics were… questionable, but apparently memorable enough for Hannah. "I really liked how you pumped up the jams," she said when she handed Cam the rose on ATFR. In case you didn't commit a mediocre rap to memory, here's what Cam said to Hannah:
"When they said it was you it was a pleasant surprise / Now I’m standing here looking straight in the eyes / All the other dudes got me feeling so stressed / So I say all aboard, hot mess express / I'm ready for love and I'm ready to feast / I wanna fall for you like I fell for Hannah Beast / So take my hand and let’s go for a ride / This is the only time an Aggie is gonna say Roll Tide!"
Here's the video:
In the moment, perhaps Hannah didn't catch that he echoed her own words about being a hot mess express or that he referred to her alter ego Hannah Beast, but it wasn't really the most flattering rap. Still, Cam seemed to feel that if it ain't broke, don't fix it, right? (Ugh, if only he had fixed it.) Cam made up another rap for his real limo exit on the premiere. The lyrics were a little more tame this time around, containing lines like "I got to keep it fresh like I'm coming out the limo" and "this the final rose and I'm ready to go." When he concluded his rap, he blew a bunch of rose petals out of his hands. Hannah seemed just as entertained as before (or she's great at pretending), but Cam is quickly outwearing his welcome. The raps have to end, dude.
But lame rapping does not a shady contestant make. However, later Cam coaxed Hannah into giving him the season's first kiss. He told her that he's not the type of guy to kiss on a first date, but that technically it was their second date. Then he asked to kiss her. Hannah agreed, but, like, dude. If you're both feeling it in the moment, fine. But the way it was orchestrated felt a bit performative, which as we all know, can be a sign of the wrong reasons.
Between that move and Cam's motto "Always Be Cam" it seems like he's prioritizing himself over even Hannah. And he gets confrontational with some other men in the trailer for the full season, which is always a red flag. Cam also admitted in his Bachelorette bio that he's very competitive. Yes, this show is technically a competition, but hopefully Cam doesn't treat Hannah like a prize to be won or a the final rose as a goal to score. She deserves better a slick personality and a penchant for squabbling. Perhaps that's not really Cam, but consider us worried, for now.

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