The Bachelorette's Pilot Pete Is Really, Really Earning His Nickname

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Hannah B. loves a man in uniform and that's how Bachelorette contestant Peter, the pilot, got her attention on night one — by showing up in his pilot's outfit. It may have seemed like just a stunt for the show, a way to stand out, but Pete takes his piloting very seriously. Peter's Instagram name is pilot_pete, for crying out loud, and the account is filled to the brim with airplane pictures. So. many. damn. airplanes.
His feed is kind of like the inside of a nine-year-old's head, only Pete is 27 and he's just making his childhood self's dreams come true. "I've always wanted to be a pilot ever since I was a little kid growing up in an aviation family," he said during the premiere. His father is also a pilot, and his mother was a flight attendant, which is how his parents met in the first place.
That is probably Peter doesn't just document his own flying adventures. It's a family thing, so he's posted quite a few pictures of his dad piloting as well.
But wait, there are even more pilots in this lot. (Yes, really!) His brother Jack — who goes by JettinJack on Instagram — is also a pilot. Peter celebrated his sibling's achievement on Instagram, writing, "Congrats to the newest Commercial rated pilot in the Weber family."
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And if you think we're just being hyperbolic because it's fun to say "Pilot Pete," check out this math: Of his 150 total Instagram posts, nearly one third of them have something to do with airplanes or flying. Pilot Pete is dedicated to his chosen profession. Honestly, he could be one of the only contestants to go back to his original job post-show — he just seems to love it that much. How could he ever drop this for that sponcon life, when he's been in the aviation world since he was a child?
So, yeah, the uniform was a stunt in that it helped set Peter apart from the other men (and the other pilot Chasen, who came costumeless and left night one), and it helped make an impression on Hannah. But his true love for what he does makes it less of an over-the-top limo exit outfit. He just really does love being a pilot so much that he wants to show it off every second of the day.

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