The Bachelor Really Wants Us To Believe Hannah B. & Pilot Pete Are Going To Hook Up Again

Photo: Raymond Hall/GC Images.
The new season of The Bachelor is not holding back.
A clip from the premiere episode was released this weekend via Access Hollywood, and it shows our new bachelor — Peter Weber, aka “Pilot Pete,” from the dramatic last season of The Bachelorette — in the middle of an emotional conversation with none other than Hannah Brown, the former bachelorette in question
Brown and Weber are back in each other’s lives (and on our TV screens), as Brown obviously makes at least one appearance on Weber’s Bachelor season. In the clip, the pair are hashing things out after last year’s dramatic split-up. Pete and Hannah B. clearly have some loose ends to tie up, as a tearful Brown confesses that she questions her choices at the end of her Bachelorette season — specifically, one assumes, not picking Weber. Weber, on his part, admits that he’s just as confused about what to do now.
A quick recap: before leading his own season of The Bachelor, Weber was one of the top three contestants who made it to the final round of Brown’s season of The Bachelorette. Weber was also a supporting character in one of the season’s most memorable moments. After he and Brown had sex in a windmill in the Netherlands (twice, or maybe more!), Brown was confronted by another contestant, Luke Parker, who espoused his antiquated views on women’s sexuality. In an act of catharsis for viewers, Brown sent Parker packing by spilling all the windmill tea on him.
Brown ultimately chose another contestant, Jed Wyatt, as the winner. However, their engagement was cut short after it was revealed that Wyatt had a girlfriend and was using the show to boost his celebrity. She then asked the runner-up, Tyler Cameron, out on a date, though the two later broke things off. He dated model Gigi Hadid soon after.
But back to Weber. After he and Brown talk, the camera cuts to a confessional with our leading man.
“I can’t help what my heart feels,” a distraught Weber tells the camera. “I look at her and I just don’t want to stop looking at her and I want to just kiss her and just —”
He looks away, at a loss for words, and doesn’t finish the sentence. It’s one hell of a cliffhanger, and we can’t wait to see what’s next.
The Bachelor premieres Monday, January 6 at 8 p.m. EST on ABC.

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