Hannah's Windmill Comment To Luke On The Bachelorette Is Absolutely Everything

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For weeks, The Bachelorette promos have shown Hannah proudly stating, "I have had sex ... and Jesus still loves me." But she upped the ante during the promo at the end of the July 1 episode when she revealed where that sex had taken place. Hannah told Luke that she had sex in a windmill, and that he'd probably want to leave if his ideas about a woman's sexuality were as antiquated as he's let on.
Actually, what Hannah really seemed to say was, "Me fucking in a windmill? You probably want to leave." A stunned Luke answered, "Say what?" Hannah responded simply, "Yeah." She later clarified in a confessional "I fucked in a windmill," and "guess what? We did it a second time." Both times the F-word was bleeped for the ABC viewers. So, technically it's possible she said something else in that bleeped spot, but also it's really not. She obviously meant what she said, and she wasn't ashamed to say it.
The conversation took place right after Luke informed Hannah that he would "completely remove [himself] from this relationship," if he found out she'd slept with other contestants in the Fantasy Suite. Before that conversation, Luke had presumed to know Hannah so well that he initially wasn't even worried about the week. "I know Hannah and I know that having sex in the Fantasy Suite is something that’s not going to happen," he confidently said. Well, guess what, buddy, you don't make the sex rules.
Not only did Hannah have sex, she had it in a windmill! Twice! And she was proud as hell to admit that — because she's a confident woman and it's 2019 and she doesn't owe anything to anyone. Viewers quickly took to Twitter to applaud Hannah for celebrating her sexuality, and for not letting Luke shame her. (In the promo Hannah seems to send Luke home after this conversation with a middle finger gesture for good measure.)
Entertainment Tonight's Lauren Zima applauded Hannah for refusing to be shamed and embracing her sexuality.
Us Weekly's Dory Jackson also stanned her choice.
According to The Bachelor Party podcast, this moment was even better than Colton's fence jump (and honestly, they might be right about that).
Beauty blogger Katie McBroom did some sleuthing work where she seems to have found a windmill connection to Jed based on clips from the show.
However, the Netherlands is filled with windmills, so it could still have been anyone — not that it matters as long as Hannah had a good time. One person who definitely wasn't in the windmill, though? Luke P. He already questioned Hannah's behavior before when she naked bungee jumped with Garrett, and she was really upset that Luke judged her for that. That explains why she also didn't take kindly to him saying he would leave her if she'd had sex with anyone else. Hannah is still dating multiple people on this show in a quest to find her husband. She has every right to want to sleep with the men she's dating, and to do it in a windmill (twice!). Luke, on the other hand, has no right to judge her for that.
Fans have been waiting weeks for Luke to be sent home, and it looks like the moment we've all been waiting for is going to be here soon. It also happened in the best way because first he had to hear about Hannah's windmill sex and then she sent him home and flipped off his car. She waited a long time to send him packing, but it's almost worth it for it to get to play out like this. No one messes with Hannah's decisions to follow her heart — especially if her heart leads her to want sex in a windmill.

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