We Finally Know Who The Bachelorette's Windmill Guy Was

Photo: Courtesy of ABC.
Warning: Spoilers from Hannah's Fantasy Suites on The Bachelorette are ahead.
Ever since Hannah told Luke in a Bachelorette promo that she'd had sex in a windmill, fans were going wild trying to figure out which contestant was the fellow windmill-er. Monday's Fantasy Suites revealed the answer: Peter had sex with Hannah in the windmill on The Bachelorette. That makes a very natural part of a relationship sound like a weird version of the Clue game, but here we are.
But as many people thought initially, Pete and Hannah didn't duck into a windmill for a quickie (although more power to them if that's what they wanted to do), the windmill was actually the location of their Fantasy Suite accommodations: It was a small, cozy room inside an old stone windmill, and both Peter and Hannah seemed pretty excited about the unique abode.
The next morning, Peter and Hannah didn't outright name what happened in the windmill, but fans know because she spilled the beans later with Luke (also because she's been pretty clear about what goes down in the Fantasy Suites). "We came together so much last night," Peter said in his morning after interview, adding that they "bonded" and that "I do have that sense that we are one now." Hannah, meanwhile, had previously said she knew that Fantasy Suites were about more than just sex (it's a camera-free time to talk), but she also hinted that she would be open to being intimate with Peter if that's where the night took them. "Intimacy is really important to me," she said. "[It's] important to have those moments."
And no one knows how to capitalize on a moment better than Twitter. Bachelor Nation quickly took to the site to meme-ify Peter's windmill reveal:
When the windmill first popped up, people immediately realized what it meant.
The windmill was basically a supporting character in this episode, but many people were just plain excited for Peter. Some were particularly excited that Windmill Guy was Peter and not *cough* some other contestants. (Jed. We're talking about Jed.)›
Sorry Jed. (But also not.)
But in the end, this moment — prophesied by a quote from our sexually liberated Bachelorette — isn't really about Jed. It's about Hannah and Hannah fans were thrilled.
And in case anyone was confused about whether or not this was the windmill moment, the official Bachelorette Twitter account got in on the fun to offer some much needed confirmation:
I mean, what happen in the windmill doesn't stay in the windmill if Hannah later reveals it to Luke and all of America, but have your fun, ABC.
Hannah and Peter's windmill date came after he told her that he was in love with her, which made their whole Fantasy Suite date that much more special. And, whatever happens with their relationship going forward, at least Hannah and Peter can both say they, in Hannah's words, "fucked in a windmill" and they did so twice.

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