Every Bachelorette Sign That Told Hannah Brown Not To Pick Jed Wyatt

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Hannah Brown has always had a soft spot for Jed Wyatt over the 2019 season of the The Bachelorette. During season 15 hometown dates, the Wyatt family was the only one to hear the Bachelorette admit she was falling in love with their boy. The Wyatts suggested Jed may not be ready to settle down with Hannah just yet — that his allegedly burgeoning music career may take precedence over their relationship. Still Hannah persisted and brought Jed to Greece for the final leg of her season. There he made it past fantasy suites.
Although suggestions Jed — reigning king of the For the Wrong Reasons rumor mill — may not be Hannah’s happily ever after have been spilling through season 15 for weeks, small portents of doom turned into full red alarms during Monday night’s “Finale Part 1”. At every turn, Hannah finds a new reason Jed likely isn’t Mr. Right — and her response suggests he still may win it all come Tuesday's “After the Final Rose.”
In a development that would surprise no one, the Browns absolutely love fan-favorite suitor Tyler Cameron. Hannah and her dad Robert speak about how solid Tyler’s intentions are and his clear respect for the Bachelorette (whom he didn’t pressure into sex during the Fantasy Suites). Hannah’s mom Susanne is simply impressed by Tyler’s dance background. In a situation as strange as The Bachelorette, the Browns couldn’t seem more at ease with Tyler proposing to their daughter in a matter of days.
Then they meet Jed, a man who already admitted he came on The Bachelorette to further his music career. Jed is competing with the shadow of Tyler and immediately falls short. While Hannah told her parents “contractor” Tyler was the glue for his family in the middle of his dad’s health crisis, all Jed can talk about is his supposedly ascendant music career. Bachelorette editing claims this story is met with eye squints and silence from the Browns. First, Jed’s parents hinted he may not be the right choice. Now, Hannah’s parents have picked up the same party line.
The real blow to Jed’s courtship comes when Robert asks what the musician’s greatest career accomplishment is. Jed, now infamously, says, “I signed a deal with a dog food company.” Robert is politely aghast at this answer and explains he works 14 to 16 hours a day for his family. The surface takeaway from Robert and Jed’s conversation is that Mr. Brown wants someone to “provide” for Hannah. That is certainly what his eventual debrief with Hannah signals. However, if you really listen to Robert’s words, his sentiments aren’t nearly as regressive as, say, Luke Parker’s appearance on “Men Tell All.”
“I consider marriage as a one-time deal,” Robert says. “Sometimes the financial situations are the problems, sometimes, it’s the other things. But it’s amazing how many times [finances are] the problem.”
Robert is concerned Hannah is going to start a lifetime partnership with someone who can’t properly shoulder his side of the bargain. When the Bachelorette's mom Susanne brings up the fact life with a Nashville musician means “a lot of nights in bars … playing all hours of the night,” that is the same red flag she is trying to get across to her daughter.
Both of the Browns believe Hannah is going to be successful and able to provide for herself — they seemingly just want someone who can meet her half way. They obviously don’t believe Jed is that person. Hannah responds to her parents' truth bomb by sitting sadly near the water with Jed, desperately trying to hold on to her feelings for him. In confessionals throughout this segment, she speaks about doubt, fear, and, yet, holding two people in her heart. This is similar to how Hannah spoke about Luke Parker during rising evidence of his incompatibility over the season.
Hannah clearly likes Jed as much as her parents don't like Jed.
This tension brings Hannah to the biggest alarm bell of the finale, when she comes very close to vomiting on her last date with Jed, which is set on a boat (there were no signs of nausea on her final Tyler date). First Hannah claims choppy waters brought on her illness. “I also don’t feel that great because of the uncertainty of everything,” she admits in a confessional before telling Jed, “People vomit when they get nervous.” Absolutely all of this is concerning. Again Hannah says she is uneasy about proposal day on the horizon.
If Hannah wanted to pick Tyler, a man beloved by her family, his own family, and already planning their family together, there would be no reason to feel near-tears anxious. But if you really want to go with the guy who your parents can’t cosign and made you throw up on the most beautiful boat ride of your life? Yeah, it’s time for the puke bag.

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