The Bachelorette Clip Show Was Awful — But This Tyler C. Detail May Have Been Worth It

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This season, The Bachelorette started off as ridiculously fun treat. Hannah Brown immediately proved herself to be one of the most sexual leads in recent memory, giving contestant massages and screaming over abs with gleeful abandon. But then the Luke Parker feuds truly set in, leading to two back-to-back episodes of tears.
Everything has become so intense for Hannah that Bachelorette production decided to halt the drama to give viewers a nearly hour-long clip show. It was a frustrating regurgitation of chaos many viewers had already found tearfully boring. Yet one individual may have made the entire tedious production worth it: fan-favorite Tyler Cameron — especially if you think about when the surprise summary chat was shot.
When Hannah and host Chris Harrison begin the recap portion of the evening, they dive deep into the Luke P. mess. It is immediately dull since some parts of the conversation — like the sixth episode's cocktail party screaming match — had just aired minutes prior. Then Chris goads Hannah into speaking about a few guys who have made this straining process worth it. First up are Jed Wyatt and Mike Johnson, who both bring a smile to Hannah’s face. Yet when Chris gets to Tyler, Hannah’s face immediately lights up like a Christmas tree. The contrast is noticeable.
“Man that boy is good-lookin’,” Hannah drawls while shaking her head. Then production slides into a greatest hits compilation of Hannah and Tyler's burgeoning relationship. There's their steamy horizontal make out session in Scotland. Tyler’s kilt. Their emotional connection on a lobster fishing boat in Rhode Island amidst the first part of the Luke P. “situation,” as Hannah says. “The moments where he just sat with me and allowed me to just be really showed me there was so much more to our relationship than just [the] physical,” she tells Chris in the present timeline, her eyes sparkling. “It ended up being a really good date.”
It's important to remember this mid-episode therapy session was likely filmed a few weeks after Hannah's trip abroad with her remaining contestants. In show time, the Bachelorette group is in Latvia. But, Hannah and Chris' conversation was shot in the Bachelor(ette) mansion in California, as the Bachelorette herself confirms by motioning to a spot where an awkward “Week 2” moment went down. If Hannah is still gushing about Tyler at this point in production — which was likely shot around hometown dates or afterwards — does this mean he's still competing for her heart?
Whatever happens in coming Bachelorette episodes, this portion of the episode is one of the few unquestionably light and sexy moments of the clip show. Fans noticed. That’s why Twitter is currently filled references to Tyler C. joined by photos of James Corden and Homer Simpson in wedding dresses — the international social media symbol for love at first sight.
It’s no surprise Tyler is running away with the fan-favorite title. As we saw earlier in season 16’s sixth episode, he is one of the few Bachelorette contestants not engaging with the black hole that is Luke. Garrett Powell, Kevin Fortenberry, and, of course, Luke himself, may have been dragged into the petty distraction of that argument, but Tyler hasn't been. Instead, he waited until Hannah begged everyone to stop the nonsense to step in and rally his co-stars into being better men. Tyler explains how ridiculous it is that everyone is so focused on Luke that Hannah, the reason everyone is actually on The Bachelorette, is sobbing in front of them.
“We’re messing this up completely,” he says, closing the scene. Pilot Pete Weber may have begged his cast members to quit ruining the evening first, but the drama doesn't actually stop until Tyler demands it — at least according to editing.
It appears the Bachelorette breakout from Florida is set to continue his hot streak in the coming weeks. While one mystery — who bought Hannah a seemingly premature engagement ring? — is the buzziest moment from the newest season trailer, Tyler has one of the true standout scenes in the preview. The sneak peak opens on a shirtless, swim trunks-clad Tyler crouching over Hannah, giving her a massage. In the next shot, they’re making out. “It has been a wild ride today,” Tyler admits. “My body on her body. Things have heated up, that's for sure.”
With stiff competition like this, it’s no wonder Luke P. is so very upset all the time.

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