Tyler C.'s Dorky Bachelorette Jokes Might Just Be The Secret To His Frontrunner Status

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There are some Bachelorette contestants who, by the very nature of who they are, make the whole journey about them (*cough Luke P. cough*). And there are others who offer just the kind of comedic relief and light-hearted fun that we—and Hannah—likely all need after a few intense weeks of first Cam, and now Luke P.’s embarrassingly juvenile behavior.
Enter Bachelorette contestant Tyler C., whose hilariously awkward Flashdance audition tape gave us a taste of just what a goofball he is way back when, but whose chiseled good looks and slow drawl have sometimes distracted from his acerbic wit and great sense of humor (Tyler C. is a model, after all).
The Bachelorette contestant doesn’t take himself too seriously, and isn’t afraid to get a little crass in the name of love. Given that Alabama Hannah has proven herself to be quite the sexual Bachelorette (it's about damn time we had one!), Tyler C.'s similarly cheeky humor has helped his stock rise from Super Handsome Nice Guy to Frontrunner.
He first earned his fan following after more earnest one-liners, like when Tyler told Cam on episode two that the guys were “a little besides themselves” seeing the since-ousted contestant crash their group date. “We’re all fighting for time,” he told Cam coolly, likely cracking his knuckles just out of the frame.
The third week, Tyler got a little less PG with Hannah, showing off his fun side by telling her to give his white shorts-clad butt a squeeze during a tailgate at the mansion. “Don’t be shy, girl,” is how he actually put it. Hannah clearly consented to this level of flirtation:“That is what mama needs today,” she said in a confessional immediately afterward.
By week four, the oft-stoic suitor was pulling out all the stops to impress Hannah and make her laugh during their one-on-one date, employing innuendo after innuendo — and Hannah loved it. While the pair rode the high seas of Rhode Island on a lobster trapping date, he sweetly exclaimed, “What a catch!” when Hannah reeled in a few crustaceans in a metal cage, and later asked Hannah if she “wanted any tail." His quips were cheesy, but exactly what Hannah clearly likes to hear.
Moments like this don't hurt either:
Hannah’s love for cheesy puns and sexual innuendos got the best of her on week five, when she and her remaining suitors jetted off to Scotland, and she joked about seeing “all the bagpipes” during the group date], during which the men donned kilts (sans underwear) while competing in some Highland Games.
Later that night, Tyler joked that he kept his kilt on just for her because he saw her “peeking,” and misheard Hannah when she complimented him on how he “waxed the axe” earlier in the day. “Oh, I thought you said, ‘You can wax my ass!’” a flustered Tyler responded, to which the Bachelorette laughed, and then pulled him toward a bed to make out.
“I could get used to this,” Tyler quipped as Hannah pinned him down on the bed. “Maybe I should wear a kilt more often.”
The man’s quiet confidence and unabashed way of showing Hannah that he’s into her is something we could get used to too, and something that could prime him to be the frontrunner for Hannah’s heart.

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