The Bachelorette's Mike Johnson Is An Expert Tattler — & It's Why Bachelor Nation Adores Him

Photo: Courtesy of ABC.
Of all the things that contestants on The Bachelorette are known for — showing off exorbitant amounts of skin (hello, Jordan in the gold speedo from Becca’s season), getting into physical fights (name any season, and there was most likely a brawl), getting hurt (ouch, Kevin!), or getting called out for having a girlfriend on retainer (see: DeMario, Scott) — perhaps the one thing that is sure to surface every season is the notorious Bachelorette Tattle. Just ask Bachelorette dude Mike Johnson.
The Tattle is what happens when some drama goes down in the mansion, and one or multiple men feel the need to go running to the Bachelorette to let her know that so-and-so is not here for the right reasons, or that what’s-his-name has been acting super sketchy when she’s not around.
The unfortunate truth of the matter, however, is that most men are not good at the Tattle, and it usually ends up blowing up in their faces, due in large part to frustrated Bachelorettes who would much prefer to spend their time getting to know their suitors than having to play referee to a bunch of squabbling sophomoric dudes.
Enter Mike, this season’s answer to a much-needed relationship guru. The effervescent Texas native has already won the hearts of Bachelor Nation just four episodes into the season (see some prime examples of his adoring fans below), and it is likely due in large part to the fact that he’s managed to master the Bachelorette Tattle, somehow able to call out bad dudes left and right without coming off as a tool or a pot-stirrer.
For example, his masterful way of dealing with Luke P. from the start has cemented his status as a gem among the contestants, from his pointed tongue-in-cheek toast following the first group date to his unwavering allegiance to Hannah’s well-being amid Luke P.’s badgering behavior. (And let’s not forget how he called out ABC Cam for concocting a desperate, last-minute story to earn sympathy from Hannah.)
The point being that Mike has figured out the right formula for an effective Tattle without sacrificing his integrity: be consistent, be sincere, and be transparent in your actions. He’s told Hannah from the start that he loves and honors the women in his life as his “queens,” and his behavior has been consistent ever since: every chance he gets to check in on Hannah’s feelings and emotions, he does, and he’s always eager to listen more than talk when they’re spending time alone.
The moments when he tells on his fellow contestants, then, feel less like Tattling than they do the work of a Bachelorette vigilante, brought onto the season to deliver some real talk about bad men’s bad behavior—and hopefully find love too. If Mike continues carrying himself through the rest of the season the way he’s been carrying himself thus far, he’s poised to make it through at least hometowns, we’re willing to bet.
Consider it a way of already “winning” The Bachelorette without making it all the way to the end just yet, because as Bachelor Nation knows, the biggest win of all is getting out of the season untouched by a bad edit. We’re rootin’ for ya, Mike!

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