The Bachelorette's Mike Has The Positive Energy We Need This Season

Photo: Courtesy of ABC.
We’re not very far into Hannah’s Bachelorette season, but a few things are already clear: Luke is suspish. Always Be Cam won’t be sticking around much longer. And Mike seems like a very nice man. OK, so that last one doesn’t really fit in with the others, but Mike hasn’t gotten as much screen time as those two pot-stirrers, so today, let’s put him in the spotlight. Bachelorette suitor Mike’s Instagram can tell us a lot about him, so let’s dive in.
The main takeaway from looking at Mike’s Instagram is that he likes to keep things very positive and share those vibes with others. In fact, his bio reads, “Smile n Spread positivity.” And boy, does he live by that.
One of Mike's most recent captions includes the line, “LOVE YOURSELF FIRST, PLEASE ALL OF YOU READING!” Another one reads, “When it's all said and done, did you maximize on your beautiful opportunity at living or have you simple been existing getting by. Tú eres sexy.” Back in September, he even posted a video of himself walking through an airport sharing a message about believing in your own dreams. “People be talking about ‘don’t listen to those people who don’t believe in your dreams,’” he said. What I say is, all my people believe in all my dreams, right? But do I believe in my dreams? “
Basically, a scroll through Mike’s Instagram will have you coming up with goals and believing in your own dreams, no matter how corny you think that sounds.
Mike is not a motivational speaker by trade, but it’s clearly something he’s into, and in his actual job, he does find a way to help people achieve their goals. Mike is listed as a portfolio manager in his Bachelorette bio, and last year he described himself as a financial advisor on Instagram, so it’s unclear if he’s technically both or if there was a job switch. Either way, as an advisor, Mike took pride in helping his clients. In 2017, he posted a photo and wrote, “I love it when I get to educate, inspire & motivate my clients and they take action towards [their] aspirations!”
He isn’t someone who posts a ton on social media, but aside from his positive ways, Mike's account also shows his travels and the love he has for his family. His Bachelorette bio notes that he’s been to 30 countries, and based on a clip he shared of a time he was featured on the local news, this includes traveling he did while in the Air Force.
While Mike has seemed cheery on the show, too, we haven’t gotten to see a whole lot of him yet, but it looks like that’s going to change soon. In the preview for Monday night’s episode, Mike is shown telling Hannah that Cam had a plan to tell her a sad story to get a pity rose, and he’s also shown having some other one-on-one time with her. On top of that, in the preview for the Bachelorette season, Mike says that “love is in the air”, and they’re also shown doing something that involves him being in underwear and a bunch of satiny fabrics. (This show is weird.)
Yep, Mike’s going to be around for a while. So, if he doesn’t win Hannah’s heart, perhaps he can take his positivity elsewhere. To Paradise or The Bachelor, perhaps?

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