We've Got Your 2019 Bachelorette Predictions Right Here — & Some Are Doozies

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The best part of The Bachelorette is trying to figure out what’s going to happen before it does. Who’s going to win? Who’s going to be the next Bachelor? Who’s going to kill it on Bachelor in Paradise? While Hannah Brown’s time hanging out roses has just begun, there are already some predictions we can make for the 2019 Bachelorette season.
And the best place to look? That very long promo for the 2019 Bachelorette season that was released at the end of the premiere episode. While The Bachelorette keeps plenty of things secret and the editing of the promos can be very deceptive (especially when there are ambulances involved), there are some things that are clear from the trailer, including who makes it pretty far into the season.
There are also clues outside of the promo. Based on Bachelor and Bachelorette history, we know things like what type of person makes the best cast member for Bachelor in Paradise or the best lead for the next season. And based on what we know about Hannah, we can gather what type of dude (southern) she might choose for herself (southern).
Here’s a spoiler-free look at what you can probably expect.
The Final Four Will Be…
Based on what we see in the trailer, I’m willing to guess that the final four will be Garrett, Peter, Tyler C, and Connor S. They all get a lot of screen time in the promo and appear to make it to the international travel portion of the season. If you need a refresher: Garrett is the guy from Alabama, who does some sort of nearly-naked bungee jumping with Hannah in the promo. Peter is the pilot — the one who actually did show up in uniform. Tyler C. is the contractor from Florida, who is also a model. Connor S. is the baby faced guy, who Hannah met on After the Final Rose.
Garrett Will Win
If I had to call it right now, I’d say Garrett will win. He’s from Alabama. He exited the limo first. Garrett's ABC bio is entirely free of red flags — a rare feat. He and Hannah bond over nearly-naked bungee jumping together. All the signs are there!
Cam Will Be The New Jordan
As a reminder, this is Jordan:
Cam catchphrase is “always be Cam” and he seems insufferable. Things could take a turn and he will cause drama in a more harmful way, but for now, he seems like the new Jordan “Obsessed With Being A Model” Kimball from Becca’s season: annoying, but not the biggest obstacle of the season.
Luke P Will Cause The Most Drama
It’s pretty clear from the trailer that things are going to get heated with Luke P. In the trailer, one man calls him an “evil pathological liar.” It also looks like Hannah has a tear-filled breakup with him, and that he yells at another suitor for supposedly messing things up for him. But yeah, “evil pathological liar” was probably enough to list here on it’s own.
Luke Is Also The Person Hannah’s Jesus Comment Is About
At the end of the trailer a rain-covered (?) Hannah tells someone that she doesn’t own them anything, and then says in the same scene, “I have had sex and Jesus still loves me.” Luke P is very religious. His Instagram shows it, and his intro package on The Bachelorette was about having a religious awakening while taking a shower. There's also this caption, which ends with a hashtag "Faithful Over Famous."
It would add up that because Luke causes drama and is so focused on his Christianity that this conversation is about him, but we’ll have to wait and see.
The Next Bachelor Will Be…
As a very, very early prediction, I would go with Peter the pilot. He just seems nice!
Bachelor In Paradise Will Cast…
Old Matt Donald and Joe The Box King were both kicked off on night one, but they both sort of Grocery Store Joe-d on Twitter after the episode, so they seem like possibilities for Paradise. John Paul Jones, who only goes by John Paul Jones and has his occupation listed as John Paul Jones, seems like a shoo-in. Unless things get too wild with Always Be Cam, he could get a ticket, too. I’ll also throw in Tyler C, because while I think he’ll make it pretty far, I don’t think he’ll win. Also, his modeling pics make me think he’d be down with some more shirtless scenes and maybe getting some Instagram sponsorships.
Hannah Will Truly Be Herself
Sometimes Bachelors and Bachelorettes can come off a little too rehearsed, but Hannah seems to just be going with the flow and saying what’s on her mind. She had a great speech on night one in which she said, “I don’t want perfect. I want real.” She also is known to enter rooms like this:
And, I mean, “I have had sex and Jesus still loves me”? That’s her speaking her truth loud and clear, owning her sexuality, and a great reality TV soundbite.
Of course, these are all just predictions for right now. We have a long season ahead. Who knows, maybe Always Be Cam will win us all over.

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