Bachelorette Front-Runner & Part-Time Protein Bro Luke P. May Become Polarizing Very Soon

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The Bachelorette is just getting started, but there’s already one guy who’s really standing out to Hannah and to fans: Luke Parker. Luke was one of the men Hannah met live on After the Final Rose, had his own intro package, got the first impression rose, and was heavily featured in the promo for the season. But in an effort to find out more, we checked out Luke P’s Instagram account, and there are a few distinct themes in his posts — one of which might betray how his arc ends.
On Instagram, Luke is all about hunting, baseball, Christianity, and… protein. (Like, so much protein.) The 24-year-old doesn’t have a ton of posts on his account, but they span back to 2012, and this bro is very focused on his gains.
And look, we get it. Luke also clearly loves to work out, so it seems he’s eating things like peanut butter, jelly and egg sandwiches in order to keep his energy up for pumping iron (or whatever the kids call it these days). But the obsession is, how do we put this lightly, a bit intense online.
Back in January 2013, Luke posted a pic of his “midnight snack”, which was three chili dogs. In his caption for the photo, he included the hashtags, “#gainingweight #ultralicious #MANvsFOOD.” Also in 2013, he shared a picture of a big plate of sushi and wrote, “Feed the Machine #protein #sushi #superfreak.” More recently, Luke posted a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with scrambled eggs on it and captioned it, “Don’t knock it until you try it. PB&J with 2 whole eggs, 2 egg whites and Welch’s grape jelly. Also have to go with Jif Extra crunchy. One of my favorites for a power pre workout breakfast! #breakfastofchampions #crossfit.”
Before protein:
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Feed the Machine #protein #sushi #superfreak

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After protein:
The whole eating-a-ton-of-protein-before-doing-CrossFit thing won’t be for everyone, and neither will the rest of Luke’s Instagram with his hunting photos and heavily religious messages. Luke is extremely firm in his interests and, viewers will probably have to share them to be a fan of him. Let’s put it that way.
As for how Luke will come off on the show, we’ll have to wait and see more (former contestant Nick Viall certainly has a negative outlook on him), but his arc looks dramatic, to say the least. In the trailer for Hannah's Bachelorette season, another contestant calls him an “evil pathological liar;” Hannah has what appears to be a tearful breakup with him; and he can be seen seriously yelling at a fellow suitor.
Luke touched on his time on the show in an Instagram post on May 16, but kept things pretty vague. “Leaving my house knowing Hannah Brown was selected to be the bachelorette I knew that I had a legitimate chance to find my future wife,” he wrote. “I was extremely excited to meet her and was very hopeful that I would find my person. I have learned a lot about myself during this journey and I’m excited to share it with you all in the coming weeks.”
He ended the lengthy caption, “I just want to be transparent and real with my posts so that people can see the real me. I’m not perfect, but I know the one who is. #faithfuloverfamous.”
Well, he may be “faithful over famous,” but it looks like he’s still going to get pretty famous in the weeks to come. Maybe he’ll post some more updates as the show moves along. And hopefully, none of them are about how much protein he consumed between takes. We get it, bro.

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