Connor S. Already Seems Like A Bachelorette Frontrunner

Photo: Courtesy of ABC.
You never get a second chance at a first impression… unless you're one of the five lucky Bachelorette contestants who got to meet Hannah B. early. After Chris Harrison announced that she'd be the next leading lady on Colton's After The Final Rose, the host let Hannah meet five of the men who would be competing for her heart. Among these men was Bachelorette contestant Connor S.
When he first met Hannah, he pulled out a stool for her to stand on so they could be eye-to-eye. "For me, in starting our relationship, it's really important that we're on the same level," he said. Hannah seemed to think it was a cute gesture, and it certainly gave Connor a step up in the competition that he already met Hannah before many of the other contestants had. That's extra important given that there are two Connors on Hannah's Bachelorette season, and Connor S. is going to want to make sure he stands apart from Californian sales manager Connor J.
Connor S. is an investment analyst from Dallas who splits his time between Texas and Michigan, according to his Instagram bio. Connor S' Instagram account is private, so that's really all we can glean from it at the moment. He recently worked for Goldman Sachs as a Special Situations Group Analyst, but his LinkedIn says he left that job in February. Perhaps he quit to go on the show, since it started filming in March.
If he did quit his job in order to meet Hannah, it shows he's taking this whole thing seriously. (Or that he thinks he can score a sweet sponsorship deal for his Insta later.) But whatever he does on the show seems to impress the Bachelorette. It turns out that in the premiere, Connor jumps a fence to get to Hannah (rather than away from production like Colton did). His second first impression may have impressed the leading lady. "I'll let you know this, Hannah like," Chris Harrison said about Connor.
Hopefully Hannah also likes Justin Bieber, because Connor listed the singer as one of his favorite things. It actually says in his ABC bio, "Connor LOVES Justin Bieber." If they can't agree on that, though, they may be able to agree on some of Connor's other loves. His bio says family is "the most important" thing for him, which Hannah can likely relate to. And, he claims to be a travel junkie, so he's going to love The Bachelorette worldwide dates. (If he makes it that far, of course.) Connor is also super prepared for one classic Bachelorette date activity — the helicopter ride. His Facebook cover photo is him soaring above luscious greenery and sparkling water in a tiny, open helicopter.
Between his helicopter date skills, love for travel, and experience already meeting the Bachelorette — Connor S. seems poised to make a lasting impression on the show and, most importantly, on Hannah.

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