Real Question: What Does Bachelorette Hannah Actually Like About Luke P.?

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After four episodes of The Bachelorette, we’re finally getting to know Hannah Brown’s guys better, and where one of them is concerned, that’s not necessarily a good thing. Not only has Luke Parker (known as Luke P. on the show, obviously) already made enemies with other contestants, but he’s not exactly a fan favorite, either. Still, Hannah says that he’s the person she has the strongest feelings for at this point. Why does Hannah still like Luke P.? It's gonna take some heavy investigating to wrap our brains around this one.
Objectively speaking, it’s easy to see the reasons why Hannah wouldn’t like Luke at this point — it seems like the red flags just keep on popping up. Not only did Luke tell Hannah that he loved her on the second episode, which is too fast, even for the Bachelor franchise, but he also lied about his fight on the rugby field with Luke S., and that’s just scratching the surface.
But so far, none of this has been enough to convince Hannah to send Luke home, and if you’re like many fans, you’re probably wondering why. Her affection just doesn’t make sense; from the limited footage fans have gotten to see of Luke, he doesn’t seem like a good guy, and Hannah’s surrounded by other men who seem genuinely great (see: new frontrunner Tyler C. and brutally honest sweetheart Jed).
There have to be reasons why Hannah still likes him, and upon as much investigation as we could possible stomach, these might be some of them.
She's blinded by the feels
Anyone who has ever been in a relationship before can attest that when you’re in it, it’s hard to have perspective, and that could be what’s happening to Hannah. Like she said on week 4's episode, her biggest connection so far is with Luke P., and that’s been going on since night one, when she awarded him with the First Impression rose. That kind of instant spark (paired with the pressure cooker that is filming The Bachelorette) could make it easy for her to overlook his flaws, even though there seem to be so, so many.
Objectively, Luke P. is a handsome guy & physical attraction is a strong force
Let’s face it: Luke P., despite those flaws, is a good looking guy. Physical attraction can go a long way, even in relationships that are devoid of other very important things. This early on in their time together, Hannah could be caught up in how handsome and charming he is — especially since she hasn’t had a ton of time with all of her other men quite yet.
Unfortunately, Hannah & Luke do have chemistry
Anytime Hannah and Luke have had a private moment together, the chemistry seems to be off the charts. That kind of steaminess could be something Hannah’s looking for in a relationship, and if she’s found it with Luke, she could be mistaking it for starting to fall in love — something that many of us can probably identify with.
Luke apparently knows he screwed up
The Bachelorette can only show us so much, and it’s definitely possible that we're missing a few pieces of his story due to time constraints and editing. He’s already apologized for his behavior on camera, so it doesn’t seem like something he’s proud of. If Luke's willing to put himself on blast like that, maybe Hannah’s seeing something in him that didn't make it to air — you know, whatever happened when he wasn't gaslighting the other dudes and being overly aggressive.
Whatever the real reason is that Hannah keeps Luke around, hopefully, she’ll come to her senses soon. So far, Hannah seems like she has a good head on her shoulders, and she truly does appear to want someone with something genuine to offer. Hopefully, she’ll realize that Luke can’t do that for her sooner rather than later. You know, just for the sanity of her fans — and the guys on the show who have to live with him.

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