Who Is Hannah Mad At? A Very Important Bachelorette Promo Investigation

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Every season of The Bachelorette has been deemed "the most dramatic" by host Chris Harrison, but Hannah's season does seem to deliver some serious drama in the coming episodes.
The Bachelorette promo at the end of the May 27 episode showed that Hannah was mad at one of the Bachelorette guys, and she wasn't afraid to say how she felt. That's kind of been her whole m.o. this season — brutal honesty. It's super refreshing to see Hannah take even her most serious relationships to task when they're upsetting her, which means that the person she's angry with could be almost anyone. But there's a definite frontrunner for her vitriol, and this week's promo gave a few more clues as to who we should be keeping our eye on.
In the promo, Hannah can be seen telling someone, "I don’t owe you anything at this point." She also said, "You don't own me." It seems as though her anger is triggered by something having to do with intimacy, because she's also seen saying that she has had sex and she's not ashamed of that. She added that her husband would never act the way or say the things that this contestant did — her husband would allow her to be her own person.
If the main theme of the issue is Hannah feeling like she's not being respected as her own person, then it's quite possible that the person Hannah is mad at could be Luke P. Viewers saw Hannah address her frustrations with Luke during the third episode. She said she felt he wasn't respecting her other relationships because he was trying to monopolize her time. He doesn't seem to have learned much from their talk, though, because he was just as over-the-top in the promo for next week's episode. A voiceover during the teaser said, "Someone's messing with my queen; I need to take that person down." Luke called Hannah his queen in the first episode, so that voice perhaps belonged to him and it makes it more plausible that the "you don't own me" line from Hannah was said to Luke — since he's been acting pretty possessive.
Hannah already sent home the other antagonist of the season, Cam, so there aren't a lot of current possibilities besides Luke to be the one who upset Hannah. Of course, as the season goes on, it's possible that new men will arise as sources of frustration for her. It also might not be Luke simply because he's too obvious of a choice.
The Bachelorette uses promos to tease drama, but they're not always true to exactly what goes down. For example, during Hannah's riled up promo rant, Connor S. is shown for a moment, but he was so sweet and understanding on Monday's episode that it would be a real turn of his personality for him to be the one Hannah is mad at. More likely it's someone we haven't even considered yet, whose personality comes out more the longer the show goes on. Or, maybe it's just Luke refusing to learn a lesson from anything Hannah's told him about respect (which, at this point, tracks).
Whoever it is, though, it seems like Hannah doesn't stand for what he said, and there's a lot to respect about that.

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