Why Hannah's Post-Hospital Date On The Bachelorette Might Mean More Than You Realize

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It's not uncommon for ambulances and dramatic hospital visits to show up in promos for The Bachelorette. The men occasionally get injured on the physical, athletic group dates and need minor treatment (the ambulances are often just a dramatic response that makes for great promo footage). But on Monday night, it was Hannah who was in the hospital on The Bachelorette after she "basically passed out," as she explained on the show.
Hannah was set to have a date with Connor S. but she had to change plans to rest up. And while we don't know exactly what caused Hannah to go to the hospital (she didn't explain and has no obligation to share her personal medical history with the entire Bachelorette audience), what we do know is that the lack of a fancy, romantic date may actually be a good sign for her relationship in the long run. Connor S. and Hannah's post-hospital date let them experience real life together for a bit, which is vital on a show like this — and there's precedence for moments like this to determine the season's frontrunner.
There's actually another example of a similar date in The Bachelorette franchise's history. On Ashley Hebert's season, she got dumped by her suitor Bentley right before she was scheduled to go on a one-on-one with JP Rosenbaum. She didn't feel up to going out on the town, so instead JP just came over to her hotel and they spent a casual night inside. They ate dinner on the floor in their pajamas, and it was the most like real life as you can get on this show. JP ended up winning the whole season, and it can be argued that their initial "normal" date laid the groundwork for their happily ever after.
It's still early in Connor and Hannah's relationship, but their date went pretty well for having to be totally changed last minute. Connor brought Hannah flowers and soup, and they talked in her bed. He wasn't disappointed that they had to stay in; he told her it was important that they could get through both the "in sickness and in health" part of a relationship. When he was leaving so she could go back to bed, he left her a bunch of sticky notes around her room telling her how much he liked her. In the end, Hannah rallied enough to go to the dancing-alone-to-a-singer portion of their date, and she handed Connor a rose.
The fact that Hannah was up and about by the evening is a good sign for her continued health on the show. She explained to Connor that she wasn't contagious, just that she'd woken up and "basically passed out" so she went to the hospital to get some fluids. None of the actual incident and trip to the hospital was captured on film, which sort of makes it seem like the doctor's visit in the promo was for dramatic effect to illustrate what had happened to her. But, for all intents and purposes, she seems OK now.
Hannah was tweeting about the incident on Monday night, writing that she was on a plane but that she hoped the episode was "good and entertaining. She added, "Have I gone to the hospital yet? " The fact that she's tweeting about it as an entertainment point makes it seem like it was fortunately not that serious. According to Healthline, fainting can be caused by dehydration or exhaustion, and those incidents have pretty quick recovery times like Hannah had. Filming a show like this and going on dates, doing interviews, holding rose ceremonies, and traveling around looks tiring when you just watch it, so it wouldn't be surprising if Hannah was just a little overtired from filming and needed a moment to rest.
Fortunately Connor S. had no problem changing his date plans, and the two had a cute real life bonding moment. And now, he just might be the JP of Hannah's season.

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