Can Somebody Get The Bachelorette's Luke P. & Cam The Definition Of The Word "Boundaries"?

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Warning: Spoilers from episode 2 of The Bachelorette are ahead.
Early on this season of The Bachelorette, Luke P. and Cam both emerged as frontrunners in Hannah's eyes. Fans have also noticed them too, but for all the wrong reasons. Both contestants are creeping viewers out a bit, because they're just coming on so strong, especially considering it's only the second episode. They basically do not respect boundaries — neither Hannah's nor their fellow contestants — and that's a huge problem.
Both Luke P. and Cam have rubbed fans the wrong way from the start. They both met Hannah during the After The Final Rose special, and they both seem to think that means they already know Hannah way better than anyone else.
During the premiere, Luke declared that he was king of the jungle and he wanted to make Hannah his queen. First of all, Hannah is the leader of this show, not you, Luke. Hannah deserves to find a partner who treats her as an equal — not as the queen to his supposed king.
Cam, so far, has really made his Bachelorette stint all about his rap skills (or lack thereof) and he snuck a kiss from Hannah by saying he didn't kiss on a first date, but this was their second date since they'd met on ATFR. Gross, dude. Just wait to kiss someone when you're both feeling it, not when you hit a prescribed date number. He also has this little number:
"ABC, Always Be Cam" seems to be his excuse to put his own wants and needs above everyone else's under the guise that he's just being himself. Not cute.
During the second episode, Luke decided this was a great time to tell Hannah he loved her (like 14 real life hours in), and Cam decided to crash the group date he wasn't invited on to tell Hannah how he felt about her. Hannah was patient and polite about the interruption, but then Cam did it again during the cocktail ceremony when he crashed Kevin's time with Hannah.
Look, it's one thing to ask to borrow the Bachelor or Bachelorette for a second. That's expected on this show, and it's part of the deal. But it's another to ignore the fact that you weren't invited on a date and show up anyway. This is exactly why there are so many thinkpieces about how movie guys who just show up randomly to "get the girl" are actually just romanticised stalkers. And even if Cam didn't get that memo, he knew all the other men were upset with his initial interruption, so for him to then do it again was even more unbelievable.
The bummer is, Hannah seems interested in both Cam and Luke — especially Luke.
But there's a difference between showing Hannah you care about her, and straight up ignoring boundaries she's put in place like designated dates with specific people. Former contestants seem wary of both Luke and Cam as well. After Luke said he loved Hannah, Raven Gates posted a Twitter poll to ask her followers if they believed Luke was being genuine. Unsurprisingly, the people overwhelmingly voted "no."
No one was buying his line, with many fans suggesting he was saying what he thought he should to get Hannah to think he was the real deal. But even if all those people are wrong, dude, it's been two days. You shouldn't already be falling, and, if you are, that's concerning in and of itself.
As for Cam, former contestant Nick Viall tweeted that Cam was giving off a "Hannah, like me. Or else" vibe, and he's not really wrong.
But the hits just kept coming and at the conclusion of the rose ceremony, Cam made a toast to "Hannah Ayala." Who is Hannah Ayala, you might ask? Well, she doesn't exist, but Cam sure thought it was a good idea to brand Hannah Brown with his own last name, in front of everyone. Not only is it is way too soon for that kind of talk, but it's pretty sexist to assume that Hannah is planning to take her future partner's last name without even talking to her about it.
Not to be outdone, Luke crashed Hannah's private confessional interview after the rose ceremony to repeat that he was totally serious about falling for her. After a grand total of maybe 24 hours at this point. And even though Hannah had said earlier that she was looking for a man who would make bold moves, she looked a little taken aback by his interruption. She expressed that she worried he just said he was falling for her to win the Mr. Right competition (yes, Hannah, thank you for seeing the light!).
Luckily, it seems that we won't have to watch Hannah smile at these dudes for too long. She seems to be getting a little fed up. In the trailer for the next episode, she seems to be talking about Luke when she says, "I need him to slow his roll." She also appears to be talking about Cam when she says, “This just really feels scheme-y and slimy." And the fact that there's no question in our minds about who those quips could be about is pretty damn telling.

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