Fine, We'll Bite: Who Comes Back With A Ring On Hannah's Bachelorette Season?

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One thing has remained consistent throughout this season of The Bachelorette: Hannah wants to be engaged. But she seemed to have a pretty adverse reaction in the promo for Bachelorette's remaining episodes when Chris Harrison explains that that a certain someone has come back into her life with a ring.
The new trailer also gave more context to the previous teaser where someone shamed Hannah about having sex (this is related, we promise!). Turns out that contestant was Luke P., duh, and it looks like Hannah sent him home because he told her he couldn't marry someone who had sex before marriage. Showing that whole convo is prime evidence that Luke P. might be the guy with a ring on The Bachelorette. It wouldn't be the first time this guy misunderstood the meaning of the word "no."
But let's look at the details.
First, the way Harrison phrased this suspicious intrusion makes it sound like a previously eliminated contestant had showed up. "He has a ring in his pocket right now he is ready to propose to you," the host said. "He is fully convinced that you’re his wife … He went out and got a ring and he demanded to see you."
You know who is really into demanding things? Luke P. You know who also doesn't know when enough is enough? Luke P. You know who has already referred to Hannah as his future wife (emphasis on his)? Again, Luke P. So he is the obvious candidate for the return proposal.
Hannah, for her part, seems very upset about this twist. When she appeared to send Luke home in the trailer, the moment came right after he confronted her about his views on sex. "So let’s talk about sex and how a marriage bed should be kept pure," he said, adding that if Hannah had slept with any of her other contestants, he would want to go home. Hannah understandably got very angry. "I don’t owe you anything … My husband would never say what you said to me," she said. Then she flipped off his leaving car as it drove away for good measure — almost certainly the one carrying Luke home.
Barring some editing trick, it would mark the second time Hannah tried to send Luke home, and if he's the guy with the ring, the second time he tried to return. Previously, Hannah declined to give him a rose on their one-on-one date, but Luke talked himself back on to the show, promising to try harder. But if Hannah eliminated him after that sex talk (she has to, right?), she's not going to relish seeing his face pop up again. For Luke to disregard her feelings and return anyway would be beyond disrespectful — not that he's got a history of respecting anyone's boundaries.
But — and this is a big "but" — it's very, very possible that this Luke stuff is clever misdirection. The ring guy could be anyone, including someone from Hannah's life outside of the show — but whoever it is, it's clearly someone Hannah never expected to see. Viewers saw Becca Kufrin's ex show up with a ring on Arie's season and Harrison said, "He went out and got a ring," as in, whoever this dude is, he wasn't supplied with a ring by Neil Lane. He almost certainly isn't in the final two who have sanctioned Neil Lane meetings.
In any case, Hannah doesn't seem at all excited about this potential proposal. She was emotional in the teaser, saying, "Things would have been so different if he wasn’t here right now." She said she was so confused, and this return proposee isn't helping. Whoever it is was likely only thinking of themselves when they decided they just had to propose to Hannah. But she's the decision-maker here. Anyone she's turned down in the past is being disrespectful but showing back up.
The silver lining here is that, knowing Hannah, she won't let this mystery man get away with crashing her finale. She'll let him know exactly what she thinks of his rogue proposal, and that's something we can all look forward to.

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