Taylor Swift's Sweet Surprise For Amber Rose & Wiz Khalifa's Son Isn't Kimye Shade

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Taylor Swift, Queen of the Snakes, is well-versed in shade. In fact, she speaks it fluently. Consider it her version of Harry Potter's parseltongue. But, contrary to her haters' beliefs, it's not the only language she speaks; she can also be just plain nice to the people she loves.
Unfortunately, "nice" isn't exactly how some people are viewing a surprise gift (VIP tickets to her Reputation tour, which kicks off in May) she sent to Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa's son, Sebastian. Let's back up for just a second to establish a little context.
Rose posted two videos to Instagram on Tuesday night of Sebastian opening a package plastered in Reputation's album cover print. The 5-year-old was, understandably, blown away by the kind gesture.
"This is going to be so exciting," he said as he examined the contents and picked up a letter. His facial expressions were so pure.

Thank you @taylorswift! ??❤️?

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OK, here's where the alleged shade comes in. The "Gorgeous" singer is no fan of Kanye West for many reasons, namely because he interrupted her acceptance speech at the VMAs in 2009 and more recently hired a lookalike to pose naked in his "Famous" music video. The back-and-forth drama has been going on for nearly a decade now and has only gotten worse since West married Kim Kardashian West. The reality star/entrepreneur famously put Swift on blast for lying about not giving West permission to use the lyrics, "I feel Taylor and I still might have sex / Why? / I made that bitch famous."
Rose, too, has a contentious relationship with both her ex, West and, seemingly, the entire Kardashian-Jenner family. The spats, many of which have gone down on Twitter, have involved Khloé Kardashian and West bashing Rose for her past as a stripper. West even went so far as to criticize Wiz Khalifa for letting "a stripper trap" him into supporting Sebastian until he's at least 18. No matter which side of the debate you side with, I think we can all agree that insinuating that someone's a child is a terrible burden is an awful thing to do. Rose shot back with a comment about her and West's former sex life, and things kind of escalated from there.
How's that for a brief history lesson?
Despite the fact that Kardashian West and Rose reportedly made up, fans couldn't help but speculate that Swift's gift was proof that none of the feuds have been resolved.
"Taylor Swift must play chess as a side hustle.... Don't get caught up Amber!!!" one person wrote.
As fun as it may be to picture Swift spending her evenings in a dark room, plotting her next big celebrity attack, it's unlikely that she used Rose and Khalifa's son to send a message to West & Co. For starters, you'd have to be really malicious to use a child as a weapon in your nefarious plans. Additionally, Swift has a great, preexisting relationship with both Rose and Khalifa.
In 2016, Rose defended Swift's right to choose to date or sleep with whomever, whenever she wants and slammed critics for labeling the singer a "slut" in an interview with The Daily Beast. A year before that, she joined Khalifa onstage to perform "See You Again."
If her friendship with Sebastian's parents isn't enough to convince you that Swift sent the gift with only the intention of making a young kid happy, then perhaps his fandom will be.

He loves him some @taylorswift ???

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Late last year, Rose posted a video of Sebastian singing "Look What You Made Me Do" with the caption, "He loves him some @taylorswift."
He loves Taylor, and she thinks the world of him. Sometimes, things can be as simple as that.

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