Taylor Swift's New Song Is An Obvious Dig At Kanye West

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Taylor Swift just released another single from her upcoming album Reputation, and fans are convinced that it's meant as a dig at Kanye West. Before you write this theory off as people just wanting to drag out the Taylor vs. Kanye drama for as long as possible, there are actually some compelling arguments for why Swift's new song, "Gorgeous," might really be about the rapper.
Let's start with the track's name. "Gorgeous" happens to also be the name of one of the songs on Kanye West's My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy album, which came out in 2010. This album, which some (including myself) regard as Kanye's greatest work, was the one he worked on directly following the 2009 VMAs incident where he called out Taylor for not deserving the award for best music video.
That brings us to our next connection. After the music video for Reputation's first single "Look What You Made Me Do" was released, a fan theory started blowing up on the internet about the final scene which shows a lineup of 15 Taylors. The theory suggests that each Taylor corresponds with a track from the new album. "Gorgeous," which is the eighth track on Reputation, aligns with the 2009 VMAs Taylor in the lineup. If the song is about Kayne West, of course it makes sense for it to correspond with 2009 VMAs Taylor.
Taylor using this new single to throw shade at Kanye West wouldn't really be a departure from what seems to be the theme of Reputation. Many fans thought that the singer was directly calling out Kanye and his wife Kim Kardashian in the first single, "Look What You Made Me Do," and she's even been using what looks an awful lot like the Life of Pablo font for many of her Reputation-related announcements.

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It seems pretty far fetched that every single one of these facts is a mere coincidence. Perhaps when Taylor Swift sings, "You're so cool, it makes me hate you so much," she actually is referring to Kanye West.

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