Kim Kardashian Riled Up The Swiftie Fanbase Last Night With A Suggestive Instagram

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Kim Kardashian West poked the sleeping bear that is Taylor Swift's fan base last night with a single, seemingly innocuous Instagram. As Marie Claire reports, Kardashian shared an Instagram from the set of the "Famous" music video, which starred a naked Taylor Swift lookalike. The video is one of the many elements involved in the saga of Kanye West vs. Taylor Swift.
The picture itself is of Kardashian snapping a pic of the sleeping bodies featured in the video. The "Famous" video made waves because it featured a long bed filled with the naked bodies of pop culture royalty — in the video, the camera pans over a nude Donald Trump, Rihanna, Chris Brown, Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, Amber Rose, and, of course, Taylor Swift.


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When West raps the infamous line — the line that sparked it all — the camera lingers on the fake Swift's body. The video fanned the flame of an already intense feud. Swift insists she wasn't informed that the line "I made that bitch famous" would be in the song. Via audio footage released on Snapchat, Kardashian proved that Swift had at least agreed to the lyric "I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex."
More than a year after the feud reached its peak, the drama was starting to fade in the distance. Swift released her album reputation in early November to middling reviews and, though she takes some mild swings at West in the song "This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things," the album didn't make the same waves that "Famous" once did.
Kardashian's Instagram has invited some of the drama back, though. Swift fans swiftly (ha) attacked the comments section with rat emoji, the implication being that if Swift is a snake, then Kardashian is a rat. (And snakes eat rats.) Even Instagrams as far back as a week ago now have a flood of rat emojis in the comments.
Some fans also commented with lyrics from Swift's new album.
"This is why we can't have nice things, baby," one writes. Yet another quoted "Look What You Made Me Do," writing, "The NEW TAYLOR [is] getting smarter and harder in the nick of time."
This also isn't the first time Swifties have targeted Kardashians with emojis. When Swift first announced her album reputation in August, Swift fans started tweeting snakes at Kardashian. The snake motif is an integral part of Swift's reputation imagery. At this point, it's difficult to tell who is the snake, who is the rat, and how much of this is just pop culture legend.
One rather reasonable commenter on Kardashian's Instagram — yes, they exist! — points out the obvious: This particular Instagram is probably not an intentional effort to reignite this feud.
"Y’all need to chill with the damn rat emojis, do you really think Kim goes about her day thinking how to get at Taylor?" they write. "It’s a picture, that she just probably likes of herself."
This is why we actually can't have nice things.
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