The Origin & Evolution Of The Kim Kardashian-Taylor Swift Feud

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By this point, it's likely but a few people are unfamiliar with the feud between Kim Kardashian West and Taylor Swift that has had Twitter blowing up the past 72 hours. But with celebrities continuing to weigh in and choose sides, I think it's important to take a beat to lay out the timeline of the animosity between the reality star and the pop princess. So without further ado, here is the complete history of the Kim Kardashian West and Taylor Swift Feud: 2009 MTV Video Music Awards
Everyone remembers the interruption heard 'round the world, when Kanye West wrested the microphone from the hand of a young Taylor Swift, during her acceptance speech for Best Female Video. Swift had won for "You Belong With Me," but West contested that victory telling the world, "Yo, Taylor, I’m really happy for you and I’mma let you finish, but Beyoncé had one of the best videos of all time!" Kanye swiftly (ha) apologized, but Taylor never forgot... 2011 Met Gala
After running into each other on the red carpet of the star-studded event, Swift and West are amicable, seeming to have let bygones be bygones. 2013 MTV Video Music Awards
Days before the awards show that started it all, Taylor Swift jokingly posts on Twitter, "Two VMA nominations!! If you vote and get us one, I promise to keep a firmer grip on the mic this time."
2015 Grammy Awards
Here's where Kim comes in. The now Mrs. Kardashian West, Kanye West, Jay Z, and Taylor Swift all pose for a photo together during the awards. Everything seemed very friendly, and Swift and West were even spotted later that month having dinner, just the two of them. 2015 Video Music Awards
After officially becoming BFFs, Taylor Swift presented West with the Video Vanguard Award, and joked about the events of VMAs past. The former foes hugged, and West even sent his pal flowers the next day. February 2016, Kanye's The Life of Pablo Drops
After Kanye's highly anticipated album is released, one of the songs on the album, "Famous" features the line, "I feel like me and Taylor still might have sex / Why? I made that bitch famous." Swift, as well as a host of others, finds the lyric to be misogynistic, causing Kanye to tweet that he ran the line past Taylor, and she gave her permission. In a statement made to Buzzfeed, Taylor's people disagree. 2016 Grammy Awards
The Grammys took place not long after Kanye's tweets, and during her acceptance speech for Album of the Year for 1989, in an obvious nod to Kanye, Swift says, "There are going to be people along the way who try to undercut your success or take credit for your accomplishments or your fame." Saturday Night Live
During rehearsal for a February episode of the sketch show, Kanye has a meltdown, and is heard in a leaked audio clip calling Taylor Swift "fake ass." Kim's GQ Interview
Until her June 16 GQ interview, Kim had been silent on the turmoil between her husband and Swift, but no more. The reality star noted that not only did Taylor agree to the now infamous lyric, but that Kim herself had taped the call as evidence. That splashy revelation led Swift's people to release this totally normal and not at all weird statement. "Famous" Video
Adding fuel to the fire, Kanye releases the video for "Famous," which features several wax models of celebrities, Taylor Swift included, naked in bed with the rapper and his wife. Keeping Up with the Kardashians Promo
In a clip of an upcoming July 2016 episode of KUWTK, Kim and Kourtney talk about her GQ interview and accuses Taylor of "playing the victim." Snake Day Tweet
Then, on a day that will live on in infamy, July 17, 2016, Kim Kardashian tweeted this totally innocuous and not at all pointed message:
In a show of sisterly solidarity Kendall Jenner was also seen tweeting a few snake emoji herself, and several managed to find their way to the comment section of Taylor Swift's Instagram. Snapchat
In perhaps the pettiest and/or the most baller move of all time, Kim Kardashian West, the people's champion and queen of receipts, posts the footage of the previously alleged phone call to her Snapchat account. What followed were endless memes, celebrities taking sides, and even more snake emoji. Who knows where we go from here. So now that you're all caught up, who's side are you on?

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