These Were The Most Binge-Watched Shows On Netflix In 2017 — & No, Stranger Things Doesn't Top The List

Photo: Courtesy of Tyler Golden/Netflix.
Netflix released a lot of original TV series this year — and it offered even more network series for binge-watching after their original runs. But which shows were Netflix's most binge-worthy offerings in 2017? The answer might surprise you — and, no, Stranger Things wasn't at the top of the list.
Netflix categorized the most-binged shows as the ones we "devoured" — i.e. the shows Netflix users watched for more than two hours a day. That list included sci-fi and true-crime offerings, but the most-binged show was actually a crime parody, American Vandal.
Here are Netflix's most-devoured shows of 2017:
1. American Vandal
2. 3%
3. 13 Reasons Why
4. Anne with an E
5. Riverdale
6. Ingobernable
7. Travelers
8. The Keepers
9. The OA
10. The Confession Tapes
As for the shows people watched at a less fast rate — less than two hours a day — there are more comedies on this list. But the most "savored" show, as Netflix puts it, was The Crown. Here are the top 10 "shows we savored" this year, according to the streaming service:
And if you're wondering about Netflix's methodology, the streaming service looked at data gathered from 32 countries from November 1, 2016 to November 1, 2017. It also only includes binge-watching data about Netflix Originals — Riverdale falls onto that list because it airs as a Netflix Original series in countries other than the United States.
As for why Stranger Things wasn't the most-devoured show, that may have something to do with another list it topped. Netflix users voted it the top series to watch with other people, so they might have been waiting for a family member to stream it with together. Still, not everyone actually waited — Stranger Things came in third on Netflix's list of shows its users cheated with and watched ahead of their partner. To see the full list, click here.
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