MAFS Recap 2024 Episode 21: Ben Gets Called A Sociopath, Is Surprisingly Emotionless

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It's episode 21 of Married At First Sight Australia, baby! I can't believe we've been on this absolutely bananas rollercoaster for five weeks now. Time sure does fly when you're having fun! Tonight, we've got the fourth Commitment Ceremony of the season, and after the clusterfuck that was that dinner party, I'm already stressed.
We start the ep off with our honeys Michael and Stephen, who are settled into their new apartment-livin' life. In an effort to break my damn heart, Stephen says that he's been trying to check in with his feelings a lot and that he's "struggling" living with Michael. "At the moment, I'm not feeling comfortable at all," Stephen says, adding that Michael is more feminine than the guys he's usually attracted to. At this stage, I'm just like NO. PLEASE NO. You are the ONLY reason why I'm sticking with this show at the moment. Don't do it!
Then we're back with Jayden and Eden, who are talking about the tiff Jayden had with Tim at the dinner party and are like, we're sooOooOo gonna make this relo last for three years! Sure, Jan. Meanwhile, Lucinda and Tim are looking peachy as heck, and Tim is just gushing over her for standing up for him at the dinner party. "I felt very defensive of you," Lucinda says to Tim, adding that she hopes he leaves the personal comments out of the arguments next time. Tim is really receptive to this and says he wants to change his ways. I tell ya (and I have been telling ya for WEEKS), these two are SO. GOOD.
Bye bye Ben, we won't miss you (Credit: Nine)

Ellie And Ben Finally Break Up & Thank FUCK

Finally, all the couples file into the Commitment Ceremony and ooooooh boy, the air is TENSE. First up on the couch is Ellie and Ben, and if these two don't write 'LEAVE', I'm going to lose it. Ellie tells the experts about Ben's brief running-away-with-a-guitar-journey and his distaste for makeup and the Gold Coast. Ellie feels like she's going crazy, and Expert Mel says that she's being gaslit, which is pretty huge, to be honest. However, seemingly in an effort to fuck with Ellie even further, Ben says he's confused about his feelings about Ellie and all the experts are like, uh, can you stop the bullshit now?
Lauren, an icon, mutters that Ben is "like a sociopath", whilst Ben himself tries to put on his best performance in seeming confused and hurt by the whole thing. Ellie says she came to the experiment to start a family and that she's been "robbed of that experience". Ben says he understands, but spicy John Aitken reads him to filth, saying that he's been presenting a "fake self" and that he's shown a "toxic pattern". Then he cuts Ben off with a huge mic drop, saying, "Frankly, I'm done". YES JOHN, GET HIM!!!
Unsurprisingly, Ellie writes down 'LEAVE' to a room of applause, and thankfully, Ben also writes 'LEAVE' — with an added note that "Ellie is still amazing". Righto matey. John hopes Ben will do something different in his relationships in the future, but many of us aren't holding our breath. The experts thank Ellie for coming in with an open heart and Mel says that she "won't be single for long". YOU'RE TELLING ME, MEL. SHEEESSHHHHH, what foreshadowing.
At the end of it, I can't believe that a woman who really wants kids and a guy who doesn't care about them couldn't work out. It's science, really.
Have these two never heard of the word 'communication'? (Credit: Nine)
On the couch next are Eden and Jayden. Eden says she's a 7/10 into Jayden, while he reckons he's at a 9.5/10. They both write 'STAY' and we say seeya later coz there's clearly not enough drama between this couple and the MAFS gods are like, boooooringggg.
Cassandra and Tristan are next on the hot seat with Cass saying Tristan was making it up to Cass all week after shockingly writing 'LEAVE' last week. Thankfully, both of 'em write 'STAY'.
Then Jade and Ridge are up, with Jade sharing that she's letting him in after being treated shittily by past dudes. Ridge hopes he can have a future with Jade and says she's a good person. Jade says that this makes her reallllll happy and says Ridge is being hella genuine. Both of them write 'STAY'.
Then come Andrea and Richard, who share that they had the worst week of the experiment after their big ol' fight. Richard thinks Andrea wasn't trying and complains about the lack of intimacy, while Andrea is just sitting there and looks like she's lowkey dissociating. Then Richard gets a bit outta pocket and says he's frustrated because he's been in a relo with Andrea for five weeks and she's clearly not into him, while he is into her. Everyone's looking around like, uh, yikes, and it's giving selective hearing.
Richard says that Andreas said last week that she didn't have feelings for him, when in reality, she said, "I'm not feeling it". Andrea says that at the moment, she feels like her bubble has been burst and that she's feeling flat. She says she needs validation from Richie, and he's like yeah, okay. It's as easy as that, folks. Then it's decision time, with both of them writing 'STAY'.
Welcome to the Tim fan club, everyone (Credit: Nine)

This Is A Lucinda & Tim Fan Club & I Will Not Be Hearing ANY Slander

Next, my besties Lucinda and Tim are up on the couch. Expert Mel starts off by saying that there are lots of people who have an issue with Tim and their relationship. Tim says that everyone tells it like it is and reiterates, again, that he needs to warm up to relationships. Someone, get this man a heater!!! Jayden interjects and says that the "slow burn thing is getting old", and honestly, I'm genuinely confused as to why Jayden just cares so much about the two of them gettin' down and dirty. Lucinda has had enough, and gently tells Jayden that they're doing the relationship at a pace that Tim is comfortable with and that she's happy and feeling good about the whole thing. You go, girl.
They tell everyone that the relationship has shifted after Tim's chat with Lucinda's dad, saying that the one-night stand comment shifted lots of things for him. Go Dad! Tell him to bone your daughter again! Tim says he's starting to open up to Lucinda and I'm like YESSSS, TIM!!!! Lucinda unsurprisingly writes 'STAY', while Tim also writes 'STAY', but with an exclamation mark, adding that he has so much respect for Lucinda. All you new Tim stans, welcome to the fan club.
NO!!!! Don't do this to me!!! (Credit: Nine)

Stephen Just Casually Breaks My Heart

Because I clearly cannot be too happy, Michael and Stephen jump on the couch and Stephen soon admits that he isn't attracted to Michael. NO. STOP IT. MY HEART CANNOT TAKE IT. Stephen says that physically, it just isn't there for him. Michael says it feels "shit" to hear, and damn, that's an understatement. I can see sweet Michael's face dropping and getting quite upset, and I just need to cuddle him. RIGHT NOW.
Stephen isn't sure if his attraction will grow and just wants to reassess the whole relo without a deadline. Michael's hopeful that the physical attraction will get there, and honestly, I'm looking at these two hunks like, how can you NOT be attracted to each other?! Michael writes 'STAY', and Stephen says he wants to see if the relationship will progress and is hopeful, so he writes 'STAY'. They leave the couch and sweet, sweet Michael says that he's now doubting himself. I'm sad, guys. I'm really, really sad.
I don't want to move on from Stephen and Michael but alas, I must. Lauren and Jono hit the couch and tell everyone that Lauren accepted his apology after the great 'muzzling' incident, but something is still off between them. But then Lauren makes a bit of a shock announcement and says that she's got zero romantic feelings for Jono at this point. Damn, what is in the air tonight?! They both say they haven't connected on a deeper level and don't really talk much. The experts are like, um, maybe you should just start talking to each other??? It's decision time, and despite the kinda shitty relationship, they both write 'STAY'.
Then it's Sara and Tim's turn, who still look peachy as heck with each other. I'm also surprised. Sara's concerned that her personality might be too much for Tim, which I'm sure anyone who also has a 'big' personality can resonate with. Tim, a good boy (for now), says that Sara is her "vibe" and he writes 'STAY'. Sara also writes 'STAY', and it's all pretty cute. The sceptic in me is just like, how long will this happiness between Sara and Tim actually last though?
Tori, PLS read the room RN (Credit: Nine)

Tori, He's Just Not That Into You

Finally, the last couple on the couch arrive — Tori and Jack. They start off with a bit of yip-yap until Expert John finally brings up the dinner party, where Tori went off at pretty much everyone for some reason. Tori says that she was triggered by Tim's "smug look on his face" (to which Tim hilariously says that it's "the only one he's got"), and Tori thinks it's a sign of him being disingenuous. Tori's miffed that Tim questioned Jayden's character and called him "nothing", and says it's just as destructive as Jack's "muzzle your woman" comment, to which everyone collectively says, OH HELL NAH.
Expert John, the ultimate shit-stirrer, asks Jack how serious his relationship is with Tori. Jack says he's worried about disappointing Tori, with Tori sharing that she's fully herself with Jack. While listening to all this bullshit, I'm just like, is anyone going to address her gross comment to Cass about her being at the top of the hierarchy? Sorry, but I don't really care how their relationship actually is. I just want accountability, as I'm sure a lot of other people do.
Jack still blah blah blahs and says that the two of them are developing "serious feelings" and says that Tori's "affection is surpassing mine." John asks what we're all thinking and if Tori is more into him than he is to her. After a suspenseful ad break, Jack replies: "Maybe a little bit." Yikesssss. At least he's telling the truth, even if it took him approximately seven years to do so. Tori says that if he wants to go, "he can go now." There's nothing quite like getting matching tattoos with someone, only for them to say that maybe they're just not that into you.
Are we all Alessandra's face RN?
We've been waiting for old mate Jack to be honest about his feelings for Tori for weeks, so it's honestly refreshing to finally see this conversation come up. Tori says that if he wastes her time, she'll be really shitted off — and it's a little scary to watch tbh. Finally, both Tori and Jack write 'STAY', but Tori looks LIVID.
At the end of the Commitment Ceremony, I'm still here just like, okay? So we're not addressing the hierarchy comment? If anything, Tori and Jack have gotten off easily tonight, and I don't like it.
We get a trailer for tomorrow night's ep, with features a CHEATING SCANDAL (?!) from Michael and Stephen, as well as the couples hopping off on a retreat together. Tim's pictured crying, and Sara and Lauren discover some new cooked details about Jack (what's new?). Yikes, I'm already nervous.

WTF Moment:

Jack saying that Tori's affection was "surpassing" his.

Couple Of The Episode:

Again, this is a Lucinda and Tim fan club. I'm not even sorry.


Ellie, for finally saying SEEYA to Ben.
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