MAFS Recap 2024 Episode 14: Sweet Baby Angel Michael Finally Finds Love With Hunky Thor Man

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We're onto episode 14 (!!!) of Married At First Sight Australia, and after the chaos that was the last week, I am OVER THE MOON about what we're about to see. Yep, it's time for intruders already, and I for one, am screeching with excitement.
The episode starts off with an apology from Sara, which Tim accepts with open arms. Then it's over with Cassandra and Tristan, with revelations that Tristan slept on the couch the night before. Cassandra talks about how happy she is with him, whilst Tristan is clearly agitated and stressed and it's got me wondering what's actually happening behind closed doors of their marriage.

Michael & Stephen Are Out Here About To Save This Show

Then, it's the moment we've been waiting for, with sweet angel Michael FINALLY getting the wedding he deserves. ICYMI: Michael had his groom-to-be leave the experiment before they even made the altar. Because there was no one for Michael to get married to, he left the experiment with the hope that the experts could find him a new match. Finally, the experts have found him a new boo and he's about to re-enter the experiment. Thank you, MAFS gods.
Everyone piles into the wedding and we're yet to meet the groom that the experts have matched him with — only that he has tattoos and doesn't wear socks with his shoes. Sweet angel Michael heads down the aisle and eagerly awaits his new boo, schmoozing the family like the gorgeous man he is. I'm literally obsessed with him, and I would die for him (I know I say this about everyone, but I mean it this time!!!).
Finally, we meet Michael's new groom — a Fabio-looking man with gorgeous long hair and a smile that I would sell my firstborn for. His name is STEPHEN!!! He's a 26-year-old hairdresser from Perth who is one of eight siblings. A family guy!!! Stephen also has a scar across his eyebrow, which he said he got from a car accident that sadly killed the other driver. Stephen explains that the aftermath of the crash and comments about his scar has been something that he's carried with him, especially while dating. He also says it's a "really shallow pool of dating in Perth", with everyone wanting an open relationship. But he says he wants to commit to one person, wants a child, and wants the white picket fence dream. And when I tell you, my body is COVERED in goosebumps — I literally love these two as a match so much.
Thankfully, the two of them click right away — and is this not just the best-looking and most wholesome couple you've ever seen in your life?! After some beautiful vows from both of 'em and some serious eye-gazing, they say, "I do", and they're officially married (well, by television standards).

You Don't Need To Be A Medium To Know This Won't Work Out

Even though I don't want to move on from my new favourites Stephen and Michael, we now cut to all the existing couples in the experiment who are invited to the second wedding of the episode.
We meet the new bride who is set to be an interesting character. Her name is Madeleine, and she's a psychic medium and former Home & Away actress who says she can audibly hear things from spirits. Okay. Madeleine says she's sensitive when it comes to energy and can pick up on people's "vibes" and says that her "gift" has meant that dating is harder. "Becoming a medium made me really lonely," she says. She says that she just wants a kind person, aaaaand cue Ash.
Ash says he's kind (surprise, surprise) and says he's helping raise his two younger brothers, something that's important to him after his older brother passed away two years ago. Ash hopes to find someone who's family-oriented and will "do whatever it takes". The experts reckon these two will be a good match because Ash is kind and a nurturer, and Madeleine needs nurturing. Say no more, fam.
On the morning of their wedding, Madeleine is conversing with a spirit who's telling her that her new match is 37 years old. Sounds like said spirit is trying to stitch her up, because Ash is 33. The OG couples continue to roll in and Tori says that she doesn't believe in mediums and that she "doesn't want [Madeleine's] vibes" on her.
Ash walks down the aisle and Tristan yells out that he's a cutie, while Lucinda asks him how he is, blissfully unaware that Ash has NFI who she is. Then it's time for Madeleine to walk down the aisle, with Ash saying that she's an "absolute knockout". Madeleine introduces herself and says that she's weird, deep and strange, remarking that she saw his "energy". We're gifted with a quirky soundtrack and for once, I can agree with this show's musical choices. This whole thing is reading as a bizarre fever dream and I can feel sweats forming all over my body. Madeleine tells Ash that she's a medium, and sweet, sweet Lauren thinks she means in clothes size. "She's at least an XS," she says.
Ash says that even though he's got tatties, he's actually a good bloke and is really soft on the inside. Madeleine says she's annoying because she's sooooo nice and loves people deeply, while Ash's face is just like :|. Tori remarks that Madeleine has "rawdogged her vows" and when I tell you, I spat my drink out. Tori is serving commentary this ep. Everyone nervous claps for the two of them and Ash is like, 'This is who you matched me up with?'. Unsurprisingly, Lucinda loves her little cotton socks.
After the wedding, Madeleine has another incident where she's "receiving" words from spirits and says that they've told her that Ash is just all bad vibes. Well someone pissed off a ghost. She's pissed at Ash (and the spirits, I assume) but won't tell us exactly what went down, presumably because it's a bunch of bullshit. Look, I know some people are into this, but the sceptic in me cannot get around it. Sorryyyyyyy.
They continue with their photoshoot, both of them not even cracking a smile. It's only when Ash tells Madeleine that he was likely haunted by a demon the night before that her face joyfully lights up. I can't, everyone. You really can't make this stuff up. I respect spiritual people, but the editing of this episode is just wild. I can't take it seriously. It's comic relief. Someone help me.

More Queer Love Stories On MAFS, Thanks

Back with the most wholesome couple of the experiment (sorry to my previous frontrunners Andrea and Richard / Lucinda and Tim), Michael and Stephen head into their wedding reception. Stephen's family gush about Michael, while Mikey raves about how attracted he is to him. Yaaaaaaaay!!! Petition for the next month of episodes to follow these two, thanks.
In an attempt to stir up some ~dramahhhh~ (this is MAFS after all), a friend of Michael insinuates that he's the father to multiple children (of course, we know that this is because he's a sperm donor). Stephen is a bit confused and goes back to sit next to Michael, confronting him about the comment. Mike tells him that he was the donor for two queer women, and Stephen says it's really special and kind.
I know that it's a relatively small moment, but seeing this kind of queer representation on a show like MAFS is actually incredibly groundbreaking. Yay to positive queer stories! Yay to highlighting rainbow family dynamics and doners! Yay to queer love! More. Of. This.

This Whole Wedding Is A Fever Dream

We're back over at Madeleine and Ash's wedding, and it's been about 30 seconds here and I already want to go back to Michael and Stephen. Pleasseeeeee. Mum, can you pick me up? I'm scared. Because this wedding can't be as awkward as it already is, Cassandra and Tristan decide to get in a tiff at the reception. The two are already acting as if they've been married for 40 years and resent each other, and we're gifted with a flashback of their wedding as if it was years ago (it was, in fact, only three weeks ago).
Cassandra says she's bored in the relationship and Tristan starts to fucking crack it. Cass calls him sensitive and says she's frustrated because she needs more intimacy. In a confessional, a sassy producer asks Tristan if he's "trying" hard enough in the relationship and Tristan says it's a "bullshit question" (honestly, fair). Tristan is frustrated because he says he's going above and beyond with organising things for her. But Cass isn't having any of it and walks out of the reception. She does, however, return approx 30 seconds later, but as if this is a tag team wrestling match, Tristan walks out as soon as she comes in.
We get a brief intermission of Madeleine making a speech, where she yells for party music and positive vibes, and I've just got so much nervous laughter going on right now. Lucinda says Maddie is "magnificent" and a "piece of art", which makes sense.
Over at the non-cursed wedding, Mikey tells Steveo that he was previously matched in the experiment and that it didn't work out. Stephen says this is a red flag because he's concerned it's a last-minute fill-in match. We know that Stephen won't believe this once he's given a bit more context, but I want these two to just have one big happy and positive marriage — no drama here, thanks!!!
Finally, we get a preview of the next episode, which includes a flog of a new groom that is absolutely going to rival my dislike for old mate Jack. I know, I didn't think it was possible either.

WTF Moment:

Madeleine and Ash's entire wedding. It was like a fever dream.

Couple Of The Episode:

Michael and Stephen are the cutest couple I've seen in yonks and if anyone hurts them, they will have to report to ME!


This ep's MVP goes to Tori, simply because her commentary for the last hour and a bit has been ON. POINT.
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