MAFS Recap 2024 Episode 12: An Explosive Dinner Party Makes Me Grateful To Be Single

It's a very special Valentine's Day edition of Married At First Sight, in that this show has reiterated why it's so bloody nice to be single! In episode 12, we're treated to the second dinner party of the season — but not before a drama-filled run-in between Tori and Timothy while she was on her hot girl walk.
While there's no footage of the interaction, Tori says that Timothy asked whether she and Jack were really into each other — something that was hinted at during the last episode when Timothy was annoyed about Jack not being honest about his sexual attraction with Tori. Safe to say, it's going to be a bloody spicy dinner party.
Richard buys Andrea flowers and says he's got some "deep affection" for her, and damn, boy has really turned things around since the photo ranking challenge. Am I a Richard stan again? Tristan also buys Cassandra flowers, and it's actually so refreshing to see some couples that aren't just fighting and bickering and seem to actually like each other. What a novelty.
Meanwhile, Sara and Tim are staying in different apartments after Sara cancelled on their date (for the third time) because she was hungover. In her defence, she was hanging out with her friends, which I think is an important balance!!! Nonetheless, Tim feels like he isn't being heard and that the effort in the relationship is one-sided, while Sara says she needs someone who's less emotional and more confident.
Lauren is still struggling with Jonathan's lack of personality, while everyone else is reeling over Ben mocking Ellie. However, she's buying his shit and feels "really good" about the two of them. Ellie knows that the other girls will likely come for Ben tonight, and I've got my popcorn ready to go. Timothy is also ready to call bullshit on Tori and Jack's relo during the dinner party, and at this stage I'm like, GET TO IT BABES.
I can't wait for absolutely no drama to go down tonight (Credit: Nine)

There's So Much Drama Brewing & We're Not Even At The Dinner Party Yet

Sara and Tim are the first to arrive at the dinner party, and it's clear these two despise each other at the moment. As they're mid-argument, Lauren and Jono enter the room, and the timing is honestly *chefs kiss*. "It was so fucking awkward," Lauren says, determined to "lift the vibe". Jono tells the group that Intimacy Week reduced the intimacy in their relationship, and the experts are clearly pissed that their genital cupping task didn't work. Who would've seen that coming?!
Angels Andrea and Richard arrive and are dubbed the "MVP's of Intimacy Week", while the rest of the couples come in, chummy AF. Jono gives a mini therapy session to Tristan about overcoming his inner demons, and it's actually really refreshing to see a group of grown men talk about their emotions with each other.
Tori and Jack arrive, ready to biff on with Timothy, with Tori telling the girls about that morning's interactions and like perfect timing, Lucinda and Timothy roll in. "I think this dinner party is going to be an absolute shitstorm," Timothy says. He's joking, but honestly, I'm genuinely fearful for him.
Then, the final piece of the drama puzzle arrive for the night — Ben and Ellie. Ellie says that something else happened on Friday night but won't share what it is because Ben is in earshot, which is actually really concerning. The girls take her away, and Ellie drops a bombshell: that Ben said that they "weren't really a match". Ellie tells the girls that she then went and stayed in a different apartment, while Ben has since tried to apologise. "Ellie is buying what Ben is selling, unfortunately," Sara says in a confessional. Please, someone take Ellie's wallet away from her because I want NO MORE buying of this bullshit.
So we've got the girls coming for Ben, Tori itching to confront Timothy, Sara and Tim about to blast off — anything else?! Sounds like a very peaceful dinner party in store.
Jono takes on Ben (Credit: Nine)

Dinner (& Drama) Is Served

Everyone files in for the dinner party and at this stage, it feels like everyone has beef with at least one other person at the table. The girls all start interrogating Ben, but he gives kind of nothing answers until he reveals that he was contemplating walking out of the experiment due to the "pressure". Sara and Jono call bullshit, and all Ben can do is mumble and say "yeah". Don't do shitty things then, mate!
Again, Ben says that he's a critical thinker, but Ellie, because she's a woman, is "emotive", and if I had to take a shot every time this bloke discredits a woman for being emotional, I'd be on the floor drunk. "Ellie is lovely and I feel like he's batting way above his average," Jono says in a confessional. "I don't think that's gonna last." Very, very interesting words, Jonathan, that could not be foreshadowing at all.
Damn Tim, you've really cooked it now (Credit: Nine)

Timmy, I Can't Keep Fighting For You Babe

Meanwhile, Timothy says that Jack is into some "weird shit" and says it's odd that the two of them [Tori and Jack] haven't boned yet. Then it's into Tori VS Timothy, and I'm not sure who to place my bets on, to be honest. Timothy says that he questioned whether their relationship was "real" due to the "sex thing", and their lack of intimacy. While I somewhat agree with Timmy, it is a bit odd to be so concerned about whether another couple is boning or not. Then, he says that he's not living in a "communist country" and can say whatever he wants. Please, I'm actually begging you to have somewhat of a filter, Tim, so I can still justify standing up for you.
Tori calls out the fact that he and Lucinda don't have much of a connection, and that her and Jack are "leaps and bounds ahead of people who might be sleeping together, but on a connection level." Tim starts justifying his relationship being a slow-burn, while Lauren casually drops that 51-year-old Timothy's previous partner was 23 years old. "I've dated girls from 53 to 23," he says in a confessional. "I don't have a type."
Meanwhile, Lucinda is just sitting quietly and is honestly kind of upset, while Tim just KEEPS. ON. GOING. "I feel a bit humiliated," Lucinda says in a confessional. "I just wanted to hide in my shell. I was quite uncomfortable." Lucinda finally speaks up and says she's still assessing whether Tim is the right person for her — and I've gotta say, I love this power reversal.
Dw, she's not raising her voice (Credit: Nine)

Round Three: Sara Vs Tim

After a brief intermission about ear tonguing and a Cassandra/Tristan hype moment, we're onto the third drama of the night, featuring Sara and Tim. Tim tells the group that Sara and him are on different pages in terms of trying to make the relationship work and brings up Sara bailing on their date (for controversial reasons). Sara says that she's struggling to live with him 24/7, but Cassandra (who has not been involved in any drama yet), says that she's there for a relationship and that it's not on. After a lot of ranting on Sara's end, Sara and Tim eventually start yelling at each other, with Sara walking off. "Don't fucking yell at me," she yells at him while walking away. You can't make this stuff up.
Tim is frustrated that Sara isn't respecting the plans that he's making and is upset about being talked over, but says he shouldn't have yelled or raised his voice. Meanwhile, Sara says that he had space to speak about his feelings and says that she should be able to see her girlfriends on the weekend. While watching this, I can't help but notice how much Sara's commentary has been frankenbitten, and while the two of them definitely have their flaws and have made mistakes, crafty editing techniques might be pushing this story.
The experts say Sara needs to be more accountable for her actions and almost justify Tim blowing up because he's been "holding it in for weeks". The two of them go off for a private chat and Tim apologises for raising his voice at her. Sara says that he had plenty of time to speak and that he should communicate to her on a day-to-day basis. "He's offered that olive branch and she's bitten it off," Expert Mel says in the backroom. Eventually, Sara walks off again because Tim raised his voice. "I'm not overly hopeful for us right now," Tim says in a confessional. No shit, mate.
I'm honestly just begging these two to write 'leave' to save us all the trouble of watching this shit unfold for another week.

WTF Moment:

"Wasn't your previous girlfriend 23 years old?" — Lauren

Couple Of The Episode:

This ep, it's a double couple: Richard & Andrea and Tristan & Cass, for being unbothered and moisturised.


Lauren, for calling out everyone on their bullshit.
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