MAFS Recap 2024 Episode 26: For A Guy That’s Cheated On Someone, Jayden Sure Has The Audacity

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Episode 26 of Married At First Sight Australia! Yeehaw! In the fallout of a chaotic couples retreat and an even more unhinged Commitment Ceremony, we're diving headfirst into this week — and it's gonna be juicy.
We start off the episode with Eden telling Jayden that his moustache makes him look like a porn star, which is such a bold way to kick things off that I kinda feel attacked. Meanwhile, Timothy is frothing Lucinda (along with the rest of us) for standing up for him at the last Commitment Ceremony. Get in line for the fan club, mate!
Of course, we check in with Cassandra and Tristan, after Cassandra shockingly wrote 'LEAVE' after Tristan confessed his love for her. Hoooooooo boy. To be honest, I feel for Tristan but I get it — Cass has been through it with him, and methinks Tristan needs a good dose of therapy, not a woman to fix him.
Meanwhile, Timothy says he can't wait to tear into Jack after his Tristan whale comment, adding that he can't wait until the next dinner party to "pull that prick from one end of the table to the other". But metaphorically, of course.
Then we're with Tori and Jack, with Tori saying that everyone coming for him makes her feel shit. But the guy is like, but iT's AbOuT mE!!!!.

RIP Ben, You Would Have LOVED This Hate List

Meanwhile, Tim is rattled after the whole Sara thing. He reveals that he's written not one, not two, but THREE pages of gripes about Sara and all I can think in this moment is that Ben would have loved this </3. Tim tells Sara that she needs to put in effort if she wants the relationship to work and puts his foot down, saying that he can't be in a toxic relationship again. Sara reads the lengthy list and apologises to him. They have a little cuddle and it looks like all is well and good. Cool, can we stop with the disproportionate outrage about her alleged 'cheating' now?!
Then it's FEEDBACK WEEK! Which is essentially a nice way of saying: aw yeah lay into 'em week. Each couple is tasked with asking confronting questions to another couple, which is expertly chosen based on past drama. Of course, this means that Jono and Lauren are paired up with Jack and Tori, and oh god. Tori says that she doesn't care for people's feedback, which is so relatable.

Jack Isn't Ready To Bonk, But He Is Ready For Kids

Lauren floats some questions, including: Is your hair a toupee? And why can't you figure out what size pants to wear? Hard-hitting journalism, right there. She calls him a leprechaun with a top knot who shops in the kid's aisle, which is up there as one of the most creative sledges I think I've ever heard. Bravo, Lauren. I guess somewhere in there they also come up with some legit questions, but whatever.
Then comes the questions. Jono asks why it's taken Jack so long for him to bonk Tori, to which he says something about them building the relationship? Okay. Some more questions are asked and Jack and Tori answer them, and then more questions are asked. Lauren asks them if they're gonna have kids, to which Jack says that he wants to have kids with Tori and that he's ready.
KIDS?! I don't know how to tell him that you need to have sex to procreate, which means that he's going to have to eventually bonk Tori. Tori's kinda like uhhhhh, that's soon about the kids news. Lauren says that she's got doubts about their relationship and will be watching them ("I'M WATCHING YOU WAZOWSKI") and they say seeya. It's not as much drama as we hoped for, but it looks like that'll come in the form of Jayden V Sara.
But that'll have to wait, because we take a brief intermission with Richard and Andrea, who are tasked with writing a letter to Lucinda and Timothy. Of course, they're excited to gush about these two, which is lovely. Over with our favourite love birds, Timothy and Lucinda have been tasked with sharing a bed for the night. I'm not sure why they've been tasked with this considering no one else has tasks for this week, but whatever, I'm not complaining.
Lucinda is very excited about this which is adorable to see, and Timothy is excited that she's excited, which might just be more adorable. They have a little bed cuddle and Tim makes a monumental decision and REMOVES THE MAN CAVE SIGN! BYE BYE! WE <3 PROGRESSION!

Can Someone Plz Kick Jayden Off His High Horse? Thanks In Advance

Then the nice times are officially OVER, because it's time to watch Eden and Jayden battle it out against Sara... and Tim. They're tasked with asking each other questions, and I'm already getting tired of looking at Jayden, galloping around on his little cheating high horse after, you know, EVERYTHING he's done. Jayden yaps on about cheating being morally wrong, which it is, but I still just cannot get over the fact that going out with your friends and your ex being there is constituted as cheating in this bloke's eyes. PUH-LEASE.
We hear the ominous knock on the door and Sara is not impressed, I'm not impressed, we're all not impressed. Things kick off and Jayden calls her a "ticking time bomb", which... yikes. Then, Jayden gets down to business and asks Sara if he can look at the messages from the ex — and if the messages aren't available, then why? Sara unsurprisingly says that nah, they're not there, but she did message her ex in the last two weeks, which was to chat about meeting up. Jayden's like you're suss AF bro, why delete? Tim agrees and can't understand why she'd delete them
Then comes the onslaught of questions, with Jayden just repeatedly coming for Sara and their relationship. So! Many! Questions! So! Little! Answers! He keeps asking and asking, while Sara keeps trying to reply but nah, he'll just ask another question instead. Question master, he is!

Sara's Done (Same)

Jayden says that he's just stating #facts and that it's feedback week, baby! I swear to god, if Jayden tried to give me "feedback", he'd be outta there quick smart. Jayden is like yep, my time is done here and leaves the room with Eden, and I'm just like, thank god. I know Sara is flawed, but the elitism and air of arrogance that he has is just SO. UNLIKEABLE. Sara walks off crying and honestly, I would too at this point.
Then shockingly, she says that she's leaving. The apartment?! The experiment?! Then we see Sara realise the camera is following her, to which she essentially tells them to sod off. And then we're done — and we'll have to wait for tomorrow to discover what happens (except we won't, because the trailer shows her and Tim having a peachy as heck picnic... so much for a cliffhanger!).

WTF Moment:

Um, Jayden, you gotta chill.

Couple Of The Episode:

Lucinda and Timothy!!! No more man cave!!!


It's all a bit beige this episode, really. So I guess, as always, I'll default to Lucinda.
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