“Timothy Wasn’t There”: MAFS’ Tori Says That The ‘Whale’ Comment Didn’t Go Down Like We Think It Did

This week, Married At First Sight Australia was rocked when Jack Dunkley made a controversial statement (this shouldn't come as a huge surprise). In episode 23, the couples in the experiment were shook when it was revealed to them that Jack, a personal trainer, had potentially made body-shaming comments about someone in the experiment.
According to Timothy Smith, Jack had come out to the pool area only to say, "I see that the whales are here today", presumably referring to Timothy, Lucinda, and Tristan, who struggles with deeply rooted insecurities about his body. The comment has since caused quite a stir on the internet, with people calling out the personal trainer for his incredibly damaging remark.
But according to Jack's on-screen wife Tori Adams, what audiences saw on the screen is only one part of the story. Speaking to Refinery29 Australia, Tori says that we might not be getting the whole truth. "Timothy wasn't even at the pool at the time the comment was made," she says.

"Timothy wasn't even at the pool at the time the comment was made."

Tori Adams on the "whale" comment
"When the comment was made... I believe what happened was Jack walked into the pool area and there was a few people there — Lauren, Jade. He made the comment and they all barrelled in laughter," she explains, adding that at the time, Jack and Lauren were actually friends. "Then they're doing backflips into the pool and it's all one big laugh."
But she says that the story changed later that evening, when the comment was addressed. "Then it comes to later that night, and apparently Timothy was there and Tristan was there," she says.
According to Tori, Timothy wasn't in the pool area when the comment was made. "Timothy did come to the pool at some stage but it wasn't when the comment was made, because Timothy was at the pool when I was at the pool — and I wasn't there when the comment was made."
"The whole thing just looked so premeditated, it looked so planned, you could see the holes in it," she adds. "It's funny how people remember things."
In past episodes, Jack has come under fire for a slew of problematic behaviour, including saying "muzzle your woman" in reference to Lauren. But Tori explains that when it comes to her and Jack — and their subsequent 'edit' on the show — audiences are only seeing a small portion of what's going on. "We see 1% of the story that comes from Lauren, and I'm not justifying what Jack said, but we all said outrageous and outlandish things," she says. "I don't like what Jack said, but he said them and then he apologised and we went on from there."
"I didn't condone the comments Jack made," she adds. "I didn't let them slide or anything like that. I was really disappointed in Jack for using the words that he used. We're human. We say outrageous things. We make mistakes."
While viewers have been quick to notice that Timothy seems to have some concern for Tori, she tells us that since filming has wrapped, the two of them have not spoken. In fact, it seems like it ended on very bad terms. "No, Timothy and I don't speak now," she says. "I don't have any desire to have a conversation with that man."
While we don't know 100% what went down at the couples retreat, we do know that there are always two sides to every story — and this side is certainly very interesting.
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