MAFS Recap 2024 Episode 24: Jack Gives Guy With Body Image Issues Weight Loss Supplements To… Apologise?

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Episode 24, baby! I can't believe we're this far into the 2024 season of Married At First Sight, but at the same time, I feel like I've simultaneously aged about 10 years since this season began, so it all checks out.
In an effort to make our cortisol levels not spike too high, too quickly, we kick off the episode with Jade and Ridge who are giddy AF after Ridge finally met Jade's daughter. That's noiiiiiice!
Meanwhile, Timothy and Lucinda are still on cloud nine after their breakthrough and say that things are getting better and better between them. What's not getting better, however, is Jack — and Tim is still understandably pissed about his fat-shaming comments and concerned about Tristan. Cassandra is also concerned about him, with Tristan saying that it's "comments like those that mess me up". He's clearly spiralling and hurt from the whole thing, and I honestly can't blame him.
Then we're back with dickhead Jack, who is holding a FoOtBaLL and says the comment was just banter, dude!!! Tori does stand up for Tristan a bit here, saying that he's a "sensitive soul" and says that Jack needs to do some self-improvement. But Jack says that people are totally just jealous of the two of them and Tori says in a confessional that she's disappointed in him, but hopes he'll change. Babe, he won't!!!
In a stunningly cinematic package, we watch on as Sara and Tim are smitten and lovesick with each other after Tim finally stood up for her in last night's ep. Of course, we know that Eden's big secret is that Sara has met up with her ex while with Tim, so you can pretty much expect this to be the last nice thing we'll see from these two. Sara ironically says that it's their honesty that's allowed them to connect so well, and hoooooooo boy, that's not gonna age well.
Finally, we get a beautifully dramatic edit of Eden and her secret — and you could submit this shit for an Oscar, I swear. They're essentially bracing themselves for the dinner party that's going to end all dinner parties and Eden is fired up after experiences of her own ex cheating on her.
Then, it's time to eat, bitches! And I'm not talking about the food. The experts marvel over Sara and Tim being affectionate AF when they arrive and are like, well somethinggggg must have happened at the couple's retreat (as if they don't know exactly what went down). Lucinda and Tim arrive and give us the pleasure of recounting a story about them buying ice cream. I'm not sure what the purpose of the story was, but I don't mind. Tell me mundane stories any day, Mum and Dad.
Ha ha ha ha ha we're going to have such a great and nice time tonight!!!

Lauren Wants To Rub Jack's Face In *Checks Notes* Piss

Tristan and Cass arrive, with Tim immediately coming to Tristan's side. Tristan talks through Jack calling him a whale and says that he's gone to a dark place and regressed a bit. Tim, literal angel, is so tuned into him that he knows he's struggling, even if Tristan tries to brush it off. Lauren is PISSED about Jack and is ready to grab him by the scruff of his neck, and rub his face in piss, which is quite the visual.
Jack and Tori finally saunter in and everyone is pissed at Jack. Andrea walks in SOLO and everyone collectively freaks out until they realise he's just sick. We get another dramatic montage before Eden and Jayden FINALLY arrive. And hoooooo, let the games begin!
We get officially ding ding dinged and everyone files in for 'dinner'. Sara and Eden are expertly sat opposite each other, and Jayden muses in a confessional that he's sooooo against cheating (ironic, given his whole... thing).
Jack to Tristan: You are Kenough <3

You Can Take Your Supplement Voucher & Shove It Up Your Clacker

Quickly, Jack takes Tristan away, and Daddy Tim comes with him for emotional support, which we love. Jack kicks off by saying that the whale comment was just a joke, dude!!! He keeps talking over Tristan and saying he's had a rough night, but Tim is looking at him like, you're a dickhead. Jack says he loves helping people with body image issues as a PT, and then in an act of supposed apologies, he gives Tristan A VOUCHER. TO A SUPPLEMENT STORE. And a KEYRING. THAT SAYS 'YOU ARE ENOUGH'. Tristan, sweet angel hugs him, while all of us and Tim are just like, are you kidding me?! Dude fat shames him, then gives him supplements as an apology? And an unironic 'You Are Kenough' motivational statement? What in the everliving fuck?
Poor Tristan comes back to the table beeming about his new 'gift', excited that he can now get some weight loss supplements. Someone get that gift card and put it in the bin where it belongs. Lauren iconically says that Jack looks like a Christmas ham with nipples staring at her, and is pissed about the shit 'apology'. Lauren begs Tori to open her eyes but Tori is like nah, I'm sleepin' bruh.
You should never cheat on someone, says guy who cheated on his ex

Sara Borrows A Nice Top, Whole Show Implodes

We get some Kill Bill-type music as Sara and Tim are giddy AF about their relationship, with Eden and Jayden finally taking them aside to talk. Eden says that she's giving Sara the opportunity to tell Tim what she was doing last weekend, and if she doesn't, then they will. The experts sit in their little expert room and act shocked, as if they didn't know this was exactly what was going down tonight. Sara initially says that she "ran into" her ex, before admitting that she met up with him. She says that he was here from Perth, the two of them met up, but emphasises that it wasn't a date.
Jayden says that if it wasn't a date, why did you want to wear a nice top? Bruh, have you ever heard of FASHION?! Jayden retells the text he saw, emphasising that there was a 'shoosh' emoji. Sara says that she's friends with her exes and says that she was going to a friend's birthday. We get a little flashback of Sara cancelling her date with Tim a few weeks ago and not wanting Tim to go through her phone, and it's beautiful filmmaking.
Finally, Tim gets out of his dissociation and starts questioning Sara, to which Eden and Jayden are like, nah, I'm outta here. Sara says that nothing happened but she did hang out with him, and Tim is clearly devastated. He walks out of the WHOLE dinner party backstage (and wow, it actually looks like a full film set... what a fourth wall break).
In a confessional, Tim says that he feels lied to and strung along and that it all makes sense now with Sara bailing on their dates. Tim argues that she has been cheating on him with all the truth coming out, and I am going to pause for a bit there. If we're to believe what Sara's said, she's met up with her ex, then gone out with a group of friends for their birthday, which I assume is the time that she was too hungover to go on the date afterwards. She's been dishonest, yeah, but I would be cautious of throwing out the full cheating card already. Controversial, I know.
Sara says she didn't cheat on him and knows the group will make it a big deal. She comes back to the table, unsurprisingly, they make it a big deal. She says that she didn't want to tell Tim because it'd make him insecure. She doesn't apologise for anything, which is a rookie error. The experts say the hiding is the problem, which is totally valid.
Sara, it's best to stop while you're ahead
Then Eden reveals more text messages, saying that Sara said she lied to him and said she was puppy-sitting, with the implication being that she was with her ex, and by this point, I'm like, yeah, alright, yikes. Andrea says she should write 'leave' and Sara ends up walking out of the dinner party.
She and Lauren go off for a chat, while Tim returns to the dinner table. Jayden asks for some "civilisation in here", which I don't think means what he thinks it means. Tim speaks about her cancelling three dates in a row, not wanting her phone to be looked at, and says that he was told she doesn't speak to her ex. But then he reveals that she slept with her ex A MONTH before the experiment. I was a Sara defender and honestly, ya just lost me. This is what I get for supporting someone!
Thinking a bit harder about it, Sara said that her ex had been in a relationship for six years, so does that mean he cheated on his new girlfriend with her the month before? Or is this a different ex? I'm here just trying to figure everything out like...
Me trying to understand this episode of MAFS
Sara rejoins the dinner table and says that she will explain what happened. She says she lied to Tim about being with her ex. She says: Nothing happened, she came home at midnight. But she doesn't explain asking for the whole weekend off, which is a big plot hole. Jayden says she's only sorry that she got caught, and Tim speaks up at the table and says she's never tried to apologise to him.
Then Sara FINALLY solves my big question, admitting that she did sleep with her ex a month before the experiment, but that ACTUALLY, his ex and his girlfriend were broken up at the time. Lucinda says that she feels for Sara and hopes she can be honest, before Sara then says that she slept with him while he had a partner? So were they broken up? I'M SO CONFUSED.
Tim is about to fully send it
She maintains that she didn't cheat on Tim, but Jayden says that she did cheat because she hid things from him. Sara loses it and calls out a bunch of people at the table for cheating in the past, which is a wild take (although I will say, Jayden has no leg to stand on in this conversation).
Sara walks out of the dinner party and Tim says she's a hypocrite and isn't sure if he can trust her again. Then it's done, it's over. We did it, everyone. We got through the second cheating scandal of the season!

WTF Moment:

It's a close one between Sara's expedition with her ex, but I'm gonna have to give it to Jack giving Tristan a supplement voucher as an apology. You just can't beat that.

Couple Of The Episode:

Trash, trash, it's all just trash.


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